Elgato intros the inexpensive EyeTV One ATSC TV tuner

There simply isn’t that many easy ways to get live OTA HDTV on your computer while there are a ton and a half available for the now-defunct analog signals. But Elgato just announced the low-cost — and low feature — EyeTV One ATSC TV Tuner that brings one more solution to the table. Don’t run over to Amazon and buy this Windows and OS X device just yet. You might not want it once you hear what it can’t do.

First off, the EyeTV One does receive OTA HD signals via an antenna and comes with the OS X EyeTV 3 TV software. Plus it’s compatible with Windows Media Center. But that’s about it.

This Elgato support page clearly spells out the difference between the new $101.20 EyeTV One and the older, but feature-packed $128 EyeTV Hybrid. Look at just this one section out of eight and tell me why someone would buy the new model when the older one costs just $27 more and does so much more.