Five, the self-driving startup, raises $41M and pivots into B2B, away from building its own fleet

We are still years away from a time when fully-autonomous cars will be able to drive us from A to B, and the complexity of getting to that point is likely going to need hundreds of billions of dollars

How top VCs view the new future of micromobility

Earlier this month, TechCrunch held its annual Mobility Sessions event, where leading mobility-focused auto companies, startups, executives and thought leaders joined us to discuss all things autonomo

Apple acquires self-driving startup on the brink of closure, the autonomous vehicle tech startup once valued at $200 million, has been acquired by Apple as it prepared to shut down after four years, according to a state regulatory filing. The closure

Apple reportedly exploring acqui-hire of self-driving startup

Apple is potentially seeking to acquire Silicon Valley autonomous driving startup, according to a new report from The Information. The report describes the acquisition as in process, and says

C2A raises $6.5M for its in-car cybersecurity platform

Cars are now essentially computers on wheels — and like every computer, they are susceptible to attacks. It’s no surprise then that there’s a growing number of startups that are work’s self-driving vehicle service is now live in Texas

The bedroom community of Frisco, Texas might seem like an unusual place to find a self-driving vehicle. But here in this city of nearly 175,000 people, there are seven. And as of Monday, they’re

Watch a truly driverless car navigate city streets, the company that’s gearing up to launch an autonomous ride-hailing pilot in Frisco, Texas, just released a video showing off its driverless capabilities.’s service will is launching an autonomous ride-hailing network in Texas, the self-driving car startup with roots in Stanford’s Artificial Intelligence Lab, has partnered with Frisco, Texas and the Hall Group to deploy the first autonomous ride-hailing platf

Self-driving startup to open Singapore office with new Grab funding

Autonomous vehicle technology startup has raised $15 million in a new round from Grab and others, Southeast Asia’s largest Uber rival. The added funding will help expand intern

Lyft and partner on Bay Area self-driving ride-hailing pilot is going to be operating some of its test fleet on Lyft’s open platform, which Lyft created to help carmakers and self-driving tech companies build and deploy autonomous vehicles in the raises $50M for retrofit kits to bring self-driving to existing fleets

Self-driving technology startup has raised a $50 million Series B funding round, led by NEA and with participation from GGV and previous investors, including Series A lead Northern Light. The

Watch’s self-driving car handle California city streets on a rainy night

Autonomous vehicle system startup is ready to show off its technology in use for the first time, with a video showing the company’s test vehicle making its way through the streets of Mo

Emotionally intelligent computers may already have a higher EQ than you

The idea of creating robots that can understand, compute and respond to human emotions has been explored in movies for decades. However, a common misconception is that the challenge of creating emotio uses deep learning to teach self-driving cars – and to give them a voice

Startup is revealing its product and strategy for the first time, and the autonomous driving tech company is looking not only to create the best hardware and software to enable self-driving c