Newly launched pet health startup Gallant wants you to bank your dog’s stem cells for $990

With $11 million in funding and a mission to open up the doors of regenerative therapies to dogs across the nation, the Los Angeles-based startup Gallant is now opening its doors for the first time. T

Eventbrite adds two more women to its C-suite

Eventbrite has hired a chief commercial officer and chief data strategy officer.

The brains behind one of marketing’s biggest hits are out to reshape the industry again… with direct mail

Postie, a new Los Angeles-based startup, has a vision for the future of advertising and marketing — and it’s direct mail. Founded by some of the men responsible for the biggest hits in onl

Dog-sitting startup Rover just raised $155M

Rover, a dog-walking and dog-boarding service that merged with DogVacay around this time last year, is now the second of such startups this year to raise a massive new round of funding with its announ

Crunch Report | New Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ Phones

Samsung releases its new phones the S8 and S8+, pet-sitting companies Rover and DogVacay merge, Lyft launches Lyft Shuttle, a new feature that works like a bus route, and five reasons why BuzzFeed is

Rover and DogVacay merge to dominate the pet-sitting market

Putting an end to a fierce competition to dominate the pet-sitting business, Rover and DogVacay have agreed to join forces. Rover will be acquiring DogVacay in an all-stock deal.

DogVacay inches toward profitability with pet-sitting business

Known as an “Airbnb for dogs,” Santa Monica-based DogVacay has spent almost five years building a robust dog-sitting business. Betting that owners were looking for better solutions for boarding th

Brazilian pet-sitting marketplace DogHero raises $3.1 million

The Brazilian Airbnb for pet-sitting, DogHero, has raised $3.1 million in financing as pet care spending in Brazil starts to take bigger and bigger bites out of consumers’ wallets. Brazil alre

DogVacay’s Aaron Hirschhorn on how founders can control the relationship with VCs

Fundraising is a game of competition. VCs compete against other VCs to fund the latest startups. Startups compete with other startups to attain funding from the brand name VCs. So, to be successful

TC Cribs: DogVacay’s Fur-ociously Cute Office HQ

This week’s Cribs episode takes us to the pup-friendly headquarters of peer-to-peer dog sitting platform DogVacay. Sometimes referred to as “the Airbnb for dogs,” DogVacay’s of

Peer-To-Peer Pet Boarding Marketplace DogVacay Launches Daycare

Have you ever seen a home security video of what dogs do when their owners go to work? I like to imagine that they chill out and celebrate like teenagers whose parents are away, but that’s not u

DogVacay And Whistle Founders Talk Pet Tech Startups

I've already posted one interview from last weekend's Yappy Hour event at South by Southwest — <a href="">my interview with Courtney Dasher</a>, owner of Insta

DogVacay, Airbnb For Dogs, Nabs $25M In Funding

<a target="_blank" href="">DogVacay</a> has just raised $25 million in Series B1 funding, according to a report from <a target="_blank" href="http://fort

The Airbnb For Pets, DogVacay, Raises $6M From Benchmark

<a target="_blank" href="">DogVacay</a>, which launched in <a href="

DogVacay Adds Airbnb Investor Andreessen Horowitz To Its Pack Of Backers, Aims To Become The Place For All Pet Services

<a target="_blank" href="">DogVacay</a> launched in <a href="

A Whole New Meaning For Dog House: Spotwag Uses Your Social Graph To Find Petsitters

I love my two cats Pepper and Magic and kind of think of them like two extra children and definitely part of the family. I also travel a lot — sometimes on my own, more often with my husband and two

Dogbnb: DogVacay Wants To Help You Find A Boarding Alternative For Your Four-Legged Friends

As a former dog owner, I know how challenging it can be to find the best care for your four-legged-friend when going on vacation or taking a trip. While boarding dogs at kennels is an option, I always