Twitter is facing a $250 million lawsuit filed by major music publishers

A music publisher’s coalition that includes big names like Universal Music Corp., BMG, Warner Chapell and Sony Music Publishing is suing Twitter for copyright infringement. The National Music Pu

GitHub defies RIAA takedown notice, restoring YouTube-dl and starting $1M defense fund

GitHub has restored the code of a project that the RIAA demanded it take down last month after finding that the group’s DMCA complaint was meritless. YouTube-dl, a tool that lets videos from the

Taylor Swift and other big names join the music industry’s campaign against YouTube

The music industry is ramping up its campaign against YouTube. Musicians, including Katy Perry and Billy Joel, sent a petition earlier this year to the U.S. Copyright Office to amend the Digital Mill

Google Says It Will Not De-List Entire Sites For Copyright Violations

In an open letter to the Office and Management and Budget’s Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator, Google announced today that it opposes the practice of removing entire sites from search re

Automattic Will Finally Stand Up To Bogus DMCA Takedowns

Automattic, the Wordpress hosting company, has long followed the letter of the DMCA in respect to copyright. This means that the company will side with a complainant rather than a customer, essentiall

Straight Pride UK, A “Heterosexual Rights” Group, Sics The DMCA On A Journalist

In an excellent example of the <a target="_blank" href="">Streisand Effect</a> working its sordid magic, a group called <a tar

Copyright Holders Ask Google To Take Down Their Own Takedown Notices

In a bit of copyright irony, companies like NBC Universal and Lionsgate have started targeting Google and the DMCA request clearinghouse <a target="_blank" href="

Recent YouTube, Veoh Copyright Infringement Rulings Help To Unpack Safe Harbor Guidelines

<b>Editor's note:</b> <em>Sid Venkatesan is an IP partner at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP. James Freedman is an associate in Orrick’s IP group and a recent Stanford Law School graduate.<

Unlocking Your Phone Is Now Illegal, But What Does That Mean For You?

All the salacious headlines are (mostly) true -- as of today, you can't unlock a carrier-subsidized smartphone on your own before the contract associated with it runs out without technically running a

Battle Of The Gmail Extensions: Baydin Goes After Grexit For Plagiarizing Its Code

Ruh-roh. While we were happy to discover <a href="">a simple Gmail add-on</a> f

YouTube Changes Its Content ID Appeals Process

YouTube today <a target="_blank" href="">announced</a> that it is making some important changes to its appeals process for users who

Google Updates Its Search Algorithm: Will Start Punishing Sites With Too Many DMCA Takedown Notices

Google just <a target="_blank" href="">announced</a> that, starting next week, its search algorithm will start taking a

Twitter Puts Its DMCA Takedown Requests Up For All To See

Yesterday's announcement that Twitter would be <a href="">selectively censoring tweets bas

The Death Of The Internet Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

The news, I’m afraid, is dire. The Internet is about to be destroyed by big media. It is about be killed by two Congressional bills – The ProtectIP and The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) – that a

Why Big Media Is Going Nuclear Against The DMCA

When Congress updated copyright laws and passed the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) in 1998, it ushered an era of investment, innovation and job creation.  In the decade since, companies l

With New Report, U.S. Prepares To Update Outdated Copyright Rules

<img src="" />The wheels are in motion for a much needed update to this country's copyright rules, but the only problem is tha

Shock: Music Industry Tops DMCA Takedown Notices In 2010

<img src="" />Man, they're still fighting, aren't they? ChillingEffects' stats, by way of TorrentFreak, reveal that the “internat

Apple on the defensive: Jailbreaking your iPhone may be legal but it'll still void your warranty

<img src="" />No idea how this will fly in court, but here we go. <a HREF="">Apple</a> says t

How will Apple respond to the DMCA revision? They won't.

<img src="" />Today's adjustment of the DMCA</a> has far-reaching legal implications, which will only be evident after a few weeks,

Now legal in the U.S.: Jailbreaking your iPhone, ripping a DVD for educational purposes

<img src="" />It’s no longer illegal under the DMCA to jailbreak your iPhone or bypass a DVD’s CSS in order to obtain fair us
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