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Uber finally sets diversity, inclusion and equity goals

Within the sphere of diversity, inclusion and equity, it’s common knowledge that companies are unlikely to achieve meaningful progress unless they put goals in place. Uber has finally gotten the

Twitter wants workforce to be at least 5% black, 5% Latinx by the end of this year

Twitter unveiled its latest diversity report and announced a new vice president of people experience and head of diversity and inclusion. In order to “unify I&D with critical People function

Facebook’s diversity efforts show little progress after five years

Facebook has released its fifth diversity report, and it’s fine. Unless companies fire everyone and start over, we’re not going to see drastic improvements anytime soon. “A critical

Google releases first diversity report since the infamous anti-diversity memo

Google has released its first diversity report since the infamous James Damore memo and the fallout that resulted from it. Those are both long stories but the TL;DR is that Damore said some sexist thi

Uber’s first diversity report under new CEO shows slight progress

Under the leadership of Travis Kalanick, Uber was late to the game in producing its first diversity report. Now, under the leadership of new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, things are starting to look a bit di

Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield details approach to sustaining an inclusive workforce

In light of the tech industry’s last year of one sexual harassment scandal after another, Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield says the company has had active conversations about the issues. However, S

Pinterest beat hiring goals for women in engineering, missed for underrepresented minorities

Pinterest has unveiled its latest diversity report, showing progress in some areas while missing goals in others. Pinterest hit its goals for women in engineering roles but failed to reach its goal fo

Interviewing.io hopes to close the engineer diversity gap with anonymous interviews

Take out your name, resume and any other identifying information then hop on the internet and show your skills to a recruiting manager. That’s the way Interviewing.io does it to ensure a truly b

Facebook’s black employee representation has increased for the first time since 2014

Facebook is continuing to pick away at its diversity problem, which it shares with most companies in Silicon Valley. For the first time since 2014, Facebook has increased the overall representation o

A look at Square’s first diversity report and ally training for employees

Square, led by CEO Jack Dorsey, has released its first diversity report, which, not surprisingly, looks very similar to the below-par numbers of other tech companies. But, unlike other tech companies,

Lyft finally releases a diversity report

Lyft just released its first-ever diversity report, a couple of months after Uber released its first one. Lyft, which committed to releasing a report last June, says it will continue to release report

Beyond the diversity report

There was once a time when everyone knew in their hearts that the tech industry was super white and male-dominated, but didn’t have the stats to back it up. Now that the likes of Facebook, Apple, Tw

Slack’s diversity report reveals how many people with disabilities it employs

Tech companies rarely, if ever, include information about how many people with disabilities they employ. Today, Slack is changing things up.

Intel’s diversity efforts are somewhat paying off

It became clear in last year’s mid-year diversity report that Intel had a leaky bucket, meaning that even though it had increased the number of underrepresented minorities it was bringing in, its ov

Twitter doesn’t have quite as many white employees as it did last year

But there are still a lot. Twitter just released its first diversity report since hiring Jeffrey Siminoff, the former director of worldwide inclusion and diversity at Apple, in December 2015. Overall

Grace Hopper organizers finally release their own diversity report 

After years of advocating for diversity and inclusion, and telling tech companies how to improve in that area, the Anita Borg Institute has released a diversity report of its own. The Anita Borg Insti

Pinterest has lowered its hiring goals for women in engineering roles

Pinterest found that the 30% hiring rate it set for women in engineering roles was doing too much, so it’s lowering its 2017 goal to 25%, Pinterest disclosed on its blog today. “We still a

Dropbox is slightly more diverse than it was last year

Dropbox today released its latest diversity report, showing a slight increase in overall representation of underrepresented minorities at the company. Dropbox is now 3% black, up from 2% black last ye

Airbnb’s female employee representation down since last diversity report

Airbnb recently released its 2016 diversity report, showing a 57% white workforce (last year, Airbnb was 63% white) and 43% female workforce — a 3% decline from last year. Although Airbnb lost s

Intel has a leaky bucket

This apparently bears repeating: putting resources toward attracting and hiring diverse candidates is useless if you can’t retain them. I’m looking at you, Intel. Intel, which last year m
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