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Sling TV’s growth further slows in Q3, but still leads rivals in terms of subscribers

It appears Dish’s live TV streaming service, Sling TV, has been impacted by the increased competition from rivals like YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV, AT&T’s DirecTV Now and others. Sli

Dish’s AirTV Player can now record two shows at once

Dish today is launching a new dual-tuner adapter for $29 that will allow AirTV Player owners to watch one live TV channel and record another, or record two channels at once. The option to bundle an Ai

Dish’s AirTV box now lets you watch and record live TV, access recordings through Sling TV

Following reports that Amazon is preparing to launch a new device that would allow Fire TV owners to record live TV, Dish’s AirTV has just done the same. The company announced the launch of a &#

AT&T denies refunds for DirecTV Now customers, despite the service’s performance issues

A number of consumers report they’re unable to get a refund for their subscription to AT&T’s recently launched streaming service, DirecTV Now – something they’ve requested

YouTube is now available on your Dish DVR

YouTube, everyone’s favorite source for Adele lyric videos and ASMR-inducing paper crinkles, is joining Netflix and other on-demand services on the Dish Hopper 3 DVR. The service will appear on

Dish’s $30 remote control will listen when you talk

Soon we’ll all be mumbling to everything in our homes, calling up microwave popcorn and vacuum cleanings like befuddled Scotties in the Voyage Home. Until then Dish is giving us the option of ch

Dish ships the HopperGo, a tiny little cloud player for TV on the run

John Biggs Contributor John Biggs is the CEO of payments company Freemit and a former TechCrunch writer. More posts by this contributor Online SWATer will face 20 years in prison Lies, damn lies, and

When innovating stops making sense

John Biggs Contributor John Biggs is the CEO of payments company Freemit and a former TechCrunch writer. More posts by this contributor Online SWATer will face 20 years in prison Lies, damn lies, and

Sling TV addresses one of its biggest problems with debut of a streaming service for multiple devices

Sling TV, the Dish-owned online streaming service that promises live TV via the internet, has been plagued with one serious problem since launch: you could only stream Sling TV to one device at a time

As FCC considers new broadband privacy rules, report urges wider user data safeguards

A new report from U.S. consumer rights and privacy advocacy group, the Center for Digital Democracy, has set out the case for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to tighten data protection rul

Cord Cutting Service Sling TV Gets Its First Broadcast Channel With Addition Of ABC

Dish's Internet-based streaming service Sling TV has made a name for itself as an alternative way to subscribe to cable TV programming without a traditional pay TV subscription. But now, the company a

Dish Loses More TV Subscribers, Despite Its Cord Cutting Service Sling TV

Sling TV, the low-cost, live TV streaming service, hasn’t yet saved Dish Network. According to the company’s latest earnings report, the TV provider still saw a net loss of 12,000 pay-TV s

Sling TV, Dish’s Internet TV Service For Cord Cutters, Unveils A More Personalized Interface

Sling TV, Dish Network’s streaming TV service aimed at cord cutters, has been helping to stem subscriber loss for the pay TV provider, but its user interface has needed some work. Toda

Artemis Is Leasing Spectrum From Dish Network To Test Fiber-Like LTE

Last summer, Dish Network filed with the FCC to allocate enough spectrum in the Bay Area to roll out some kind of service. Today, Artemis CEO Steve Perlman confirmed the startup is leasing spectrum fr

Why The Least-Talked-About Aspect Of The Dish Sling TV Is The Most Important One

Among the many new technology products and services revealed at this year’s CES, perhaps none has gotten more press coverage than Dish’s new Sling TV service. As multiple outlets have reported, th

Dish Network Chairman Said To Be Seeking A Merger With T-Mobile USA

Say what you will about Dish Networks, but the Colorado company's brass has some moxie. The satellite media service provider has been trying for years now to link up with notable national wireless car

Dish Network’s Hopper DVRs Can Now ‘Auto Hop’ Through Commercials

Tell me if this sounds familiar -- you're sitting on a couch watching television, and the commercial breaks seem way longer than the snippets of the show you're actually trying to watch. As it tur

AT&T Eyeing Up Dish Network For Potential Acquisition?

Shortly before the AT&T/T-Mobile merger came to<a href=""> its ignominious end</a>, Dish Network CEO Joseph Clayton casually expresse

No AT&T, No Problem: Dish Network Open To Partnership With T-Mobile

It looks like AT&T and T-Mobile aren't the only ones preparing for all contingencies: Dish Network CEO Joseph Clayton said in an interview with <a href="

Blockbuster Movie Pass: Dish Network’s $10/Month Answer To Netflix

Dish Network has the answer to Netflix: Blockbuster. The company bought the bankrupt Blockbuster six months ago at auction <a href="
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