Digital Photo Frames

  • Super-Cute Hello Kitty Digital Photo Frame

    Tokyo-based Regulus has just started selling the RDPF-7KIT [JP, PDF] in Japan, a super-cute Hello Kitty digital photo frame. The device comes with a 7-inch LCD with 800×480 resolution, 1W×2 speakers, and interfaces for SDHC/SD cards, USB drives, and Memory Sticks. Read More

  • Winnie The Pooh, Stitch, Alien: Super-cute digital photo frames

    Tokyo-based gadget maker Greenhouse announced [JP] three super-cute, Disney-themed digital photo frames today, the GH-DF35TV. Buyers can choose between three characters: Winnie The Pooh, Stitch or Little Green Man (one of those green, three-eyed aliens from Toy Story 1 and 2). Read More

  • IPEVO Kaleido R7: Photo frame with iPhone and WinMo syncing

    Here we have yet another digital photo frame. It seems like it is raining photo frames at CES. You can find one on almost every corner. This time we’ve got one with iPhone and WinMo syncing. It’s called the Kaleido R7 from IPEVO and it does have a few things going for it. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 3.5-inch digital photo frame for $22.99

    Here’s a good stocking stuffer. has the Nextar N3-505 3.5-inch digital photo frame for $22.99 with free shipping. The frame has a 320×240 resolution with 8MB of built-in memory, which can be expanded via SD, MMC, and memory stick cards. Nextar N3-505 – 3.5" Digital Photo Frame [] Read More

  • New Sony VAIO CP1 Wi-Fi photo frame

    As much as digital photo frames confuse and astound me, I can’t really say I don’t get it. They are after all, photos you (presumably) want to have displayed so as to look at them anytime. Plus they light up, and that’s always cool. Sony today unveiled their VAIO CP1 Wi-Fi photo frame, with more than 16 million colors and 800×480 resolution on a 7-inch LCD screen. Read More

  • Picwing: a socially-connected digital photo frame

    TechCrunch has highlighted a startup called Picwing, one of Y Combinator’s many web services demoed yesterday. Some look pretty cool, and that praise may extend to this picture frame, which is essentially a social, cloud-based slideshow viewer at this point. Basically, you set up the service and set options for allowing friends and family to add photos to the mix. The idea of having a… Read More

  • The new crop of digital photo frames

    [photopress:kodakex1011.jpg,full,center] Mr. Pogue at the Times today has a little roundup of digital photo picture frames. He tries out the eMotion, Parrot DF7220, Kodak EasyShare EX1011, eStarling Digital Wireless, Momento 100, PanDigital WiFi Picture Frame and SmartParts SP8PRT. The main thesis here is that all of those frames are much improved over previous years’ incarnations. For… Read More

  • CES 2008: Sungale's new take on the digital photo frame

    Digital photo frames are a dime a dozen, especially at CES, but Sungale out of China, who’s here at CES looking for distributors, has one that I’d actually consider. It’s a regular 4, 4×6-inch frame, with the lower-right hand photo being a digital screen. The rep said they’re also working on a version where all four photos frames within the larger frame are… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 12" photo frame for $130 after $40 MIR

    Just in time for the holidays, here’s a 12-inch digital photo frame for $130 assuming you remember to send in the $40 rebate form. It’s available for pre-order and will ship out on the 16th of this month (free shipping). Specs include an 800×600 resolution, slideshow function, integrated MP3 player and speakers, remote control, and support for most major digital media cards… Read More

  • Big 15-inch Photo Frame For Under $250

    To some, Gigantor is a huge remote-controlled robot that fights crime for some reason. To others, Gigantor is a giant digital photo frame that displays images of you and your loved ones. I’m here today to talk about the second Gigantor. is selling a 15-inch cherry wood digital photo frame for $249.99, which I believe is a fair price for an item of this size. Photos are… Read More

  • The $1200 Widescreen Wireless Photo Frame

    If you had $1200, what would you do with it? Pay rent? Put it in savings? Eat a sloppy, delicious breakfast at McDonald’s every day for an entire year? You could do any one of those boring, stupid things OR you could buy a 19-inch widescreen digital photo frame. The PhotoVu PV1965w “is the industry’s first high-resolution, widescreen digital picture frame. [It’s]… Read More

  • DIY Digital Photo Frame Kit Hits the Market

    Many of you like your digital photo frames. I’m of the opinion that they’re going to hit mass-market prices and really take off in the near future. Until then, you must settle for small footprints and medium prices. But there’s always the option to make your own, and RedPost is here to help you out. The new photoframe kits include everything you need guts-wise for a photoframe. Read More