Picwing: a socially-connected digital photo frame

TechCrunch has highlighted a startup called Picwing, one of Y Combinator’s many web services demoed yesterday. Some look pretty cool, and that praise may extend to this picture frame, which is essentially a social, cloud-based slideshow viewer at this point. Basically, you set up the service and set options for allowing friends and family to add photos to the mix. The idea of having a couple of these in the family, all showing similar photo sets at different locations, is really nice.

Unfortunately, then you see that the things cost $250; if you wanted one for you, your brother, your momma and your greasy greasy grandma, you’re talking about dropping a grand, if my math is correct (and I think that it is). They aren’t particularly big or special hardware-wise, and D-link has a net-connected frame available already; it’s a little more expensive but it’s 10 inches and may have similar capabilities content-sharing-wise. Picwing is working hard on making more compelling software for their little doodad, so we’ll keep you updated (or else TC will).