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Flipboard stops tweeting, launches new podcast about decentralized social apps

Social magazine app Flipboard had already committed to joining the “fediverse” — the decentralized social web, which includes apps like Mastodon. Now, it’s doubling down on tho

Why Mozilla is betting on a decentralized social networking future

Consumers are hungry for a new way of social networking, where trust and safety are paramount and power isn’t centralized with a Big Tech CEO in charge… or at least that’s what Mozil

Flipboard introduces a custom feed for Bluesky

Social magazine app Flipboard has introduced a custom feed for the decentralized social network Bluesky. The company said that the “Tech by Flipboard” feed is a curated feed by the app&#82

Damus, another decentralized social networking app, arrives to take on Twitter

Another decentralized social networking application to challenge Twitter has hit the App Store. Last year, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey donated around $245,000 in bitcoin (then roughly 14 BTC) to fu

The race to build a social media platform on the blockchain

It’s easy to be skeptical of the big social media giants. They typically sell user data to advertisers and have been mired in controversy for their approach to content moderation. Web3 proponent