Cydia’s antitrust case against Apple is allowed to proceed, judge rules

A federal antitrust lawsuit over the long-shuttered alternative app store called Cydia has now been given the green light to proceed, after its initial complaint was dismissed. The Cydia app store, wh

Cydia shuts down purchasing mechanism for its jailbreak app store

Years after becoming one of the go-to destinations for iOS jailbreaks, Cydia’s app store is disabling purchases. Users will be able to access existing downloads through the store and access purchase

iOS jailbreak repositories close as user interest wanes

A few years ago jailbreaking your iPhone was all the rage. The cat-and-mouse game of hackers versus Apple was great fun and some of the open source products available to jailbreakers – namely th

Evasi0n Jailbreak Group Drops Pirate App Store TaiG

In a short letter to the jailbreak community, the <a target="_blank" href="">Evasi0n group has announced</a> they are refusing to distribute <a href="

Cydia Substrate Comes To Android (Cydia Store Next?)

<a target="_blank" href="">Cydia</a>, a platform commonly thought of as the alternative app store for jailbroken iPhones and iPads, has just today <a target="_blank" href

“Evasi0n” Overloads Servers As Over 270,000 People Download The New Jailbreak For iOS 6.0/6.1 Devices, Including iPhone 5

Jailbreaking has returned, and already servers are overloaded. Today, a group of iOS hackers styling themselves as <a target="_blank" href="">the Evad3rs team</a> has releas

Steve Jobs To Tawkon: "No Interest" In Your Phone Radiation Measurement App

<img src="" class="shot2" /> I see you driving 'round town with an app that <a href="

XBMC Now Works On Jailbroken iPhone, iPad

<img src="" />You can now install XBMC on your jailbroken iPhone and iPad. It’s available on Cydia, which is the secret hideout for Ap

Are We On The Cusp Of A Jailbroken App Revolution?

<img src="" alt="" title="IMG_3915" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-200583" />The <a href="

Grooveshark app now available for the iPhone … if it's a jailbroken one

<img src="" class="shot2" />When Jason Kincaid tried out the iPhone app online music streaming startup <a href="http://listen.groo

Rejected By Apple, Grooveshark Releases App For Jailbroken iPhones On Cydia

<img src="" class="shot2" />When Jason Kincaid tried out the iPhone app online music streaming startup <a href="http://listen.groo

TuneWiki: From #1 App On Cydia To Legit Apps For iPhone, Android And BlackBerry

<img src="" width="215" height="69" />There are loads of music applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch, which is hardly surprising

Ten seconds to tether with iPhoneModem

We already know how Apple feels about tethering, which is sometimes Apple-legal and sometimes not. However, for jailbroken phones you now have what is promised as a quick and easy way (10 second-easy,