TuneWiki: From #1 App On Cydia To Legit Apps For iPhone, Android And BlackBerry

There are loads of music applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch, which is hardly surprising considering the history of the iPod device and the deep integration of the portable devices with iTunes.

Up until now, the most downloaded application for jailbroken iPhones on Cydia was also a music-related one: TuneWiki, an app that brings music streaming, a lyrics database and music videos from YouTube to one social, customizable media player (iTunes link). In total, the application was downloaded an estimated 2 million times through the Cydia Store.

As of yesterday, venture capital-backed TuneWiki went ‘legit’ by releasing an official application for the iPhone platform, and the app is already making its way to the list of most popular apps on the App Store. It brings lots of goodness, especially for a free app.

When you use TuneWiki to stream radio station broadcasts, the software lets you purchase songs you’re listening to directly from iTunes with just one click. It automatically streams lyrics from its database of over 2.7 million licensed lyrics files for both audio and video, and includes the option to translate them into 40+ languages. TuneWiki also plugs into third-party social networks so you can share music you’re listening to on Facebook and Twitter, and features interactive music maps that show what users are listening to across the globe. Finally, you can ‘skin’ the player to personalize your experience.

TuneWiki is not only available on the iPhone / iPod Touch, as it also boasts applications for the Android platform (since May 2008) and BlackBerry.

A must-have for music lovers.