XBMC Now Works On Jailbroken iPhone, iPad

You can now install XBMC on your jailbroken iPhone and iPad. It’s available on Cydia, which is the secret hideout for Apps that haven’t been authorized by Apple for sale on its App Store. It’s the full version of XBMC, too, not a “mobile” or “lite” version or anything like that. The handy embedded video shows the App running on an iPad.

To install, you have to add “http://mirrors.xbmc.org/apt/ios” to your list of approved Cydia sources list. Presumably if you’re down with Cydia you know how to do this with your eyes closed.

Lest anyone forget, XBMC is the open-source media playback software suite that has its roots in the old Xbox Media Player (in turn based on mplayer and FFmpeg), which, if the user interfaces on so-called Smart TVs are anything to go by, was many, many years ahead of its time.

Xbox Media Player is also the progenitor of Plex and Boxee, so anytime you look at either of those two, take a second to pay your respects to the granddaddy of them all.

Oh, to hang out all day in #xbins all over again!