The “Shark Tank” Effect On Apps

Sitting at the top of the iTunes App Store for the fourth day in a row and counting is Scholly, another one of the many mobile applications that found its way onto the national stage by way of ABC&#82

Selfie360 Turns Your Face Into A Gif

What's better than a selfie? A selfie that is <em>also</em> a gif. Meet Selfie360, the newest, and most aptly named, app from the Cycloramic team.

Cycloramic, The App That Makes Your iPhone Do The Twist, Updates To Version 2.0

At first glance, the <a href="">Cycloramic app</a> in action may make you think that He Who S

The Woz Uses Cycloramic And An iPhone 5 To Street View His Kitchen

There are only two excuses for using the term "<a target="_blank" href="">amazeballs!</a>": you're Zooey Deschanel and you star in the hit TV sitcom New Girl, <