Selfie360 Turns Your Face Into A Gif

What’s better than a selfie?

A selfie that is also a gif.

Meet Selfie360, the newest, and most aptly named, app from the Cycloramic team. After building an app that automatically rotates your phone (hands-free, no less) to take a 360-degree photo, the Cycloramic team leveraged the technology in a brand new way. A narcissistic way, you might say.

The Selfie360 app gives you three options for a selfie: portrait, panorama, or full. Portrait lets you create a shorter gif of your beautiful mug, which is automatically reversed within the feed. Panorama lets you hold the phone yourself, spin in a circle, and show off your face from every angle. Finally, “Full” lets someone else take the selfie of you by circling you like a tiger on the hunt.

All three are fun.

Once you’ve posted your selfie, it’s double-checked by a human to ensure it doesn’t include any genitalia or drugs or things that are illegal, and then it goes live on a public feed. You also have the option to share to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and a number of other social networks.

For now, the feed is public for all Selfie360 users, but founder Bruno Francois tells me that the team will eventually add a follow-based structure to the app, letting you curate your own feed. The team will also add likes, hashtags, Search, direct messages, and geo-location.

There are a number of apps that capitalize on our obsession with our own faces, including Instagram and FrontBack, but Selfie360 is the first that mixes selfies and gifs. It’s a lethal, lovely combination.

To check out the Selfie360 app, visit the iTunes store by clicking here.