How to set up and use a CRM to run your VC fundraising process

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software isn’t just for managing customer relationships anymore. Here's a detailed guide to setting up your own system for pitching investors.

HubSpot picks up B2B data provider Clearbit to enhance its AI platform

HubSpot, the Boston-based marketing software maker and CRM platform, announced today it’s acquiring the B2B data provider Clearbit to enhance its platform with third-party company data spanning

Your B2B leads are going to waste

Your B2B leads will go to waste unless you begin to create lapsed buckets and develop a strategy to attack them head-on.

Kustomer, the CRM startup acquired by Meta last year for $1B, spins out on a $250M valuation

Meta’s grand experiment in building an enterprise-ready customer service platform has come to a close: The parent of Facebook has officially spun out Kustomer, the CRM startup it acquired last y

Personal CRM app Clay adds an AI helper to help you navigate your relationships

Clay, a startup that’s something of a personal CRM, as it’s designed to help people manage their own relationships — including those with friends, family, colleagues, industry peers

With mandate to improve acquisitions integration, Salesforce CIO went to work

When CIO Juan Perez started at Salesforce last year, he was given a mandate to more tightly integrate acquired companies, and he went to work.

Product-led growth is propelling a wave of sales tools startups

It’s tempting to call the new generation of sales tools “PLG CRMs,” but, it turns out, they don’t quite fit that description.

Attio raises $23.5M to build a next-gen CRM platform

While an associate at a VC firm, Nicolas Sharp took on the project of finding customer relationship management (CRM) software for the firm. The process, he says, was “a nightmare,” leading

With 5 activists in the mix, Salesforce will report earnings Wednesday

When Salesforce reports earnings on Wednesday, it could be a critical report for the company with five activist investors circling.

Gameball raises $3.5M to scale its CRM platform for consumer brands

The uptake of customer relationship management (CRM) tools has grown immensely over the last few years such that the market size is expected to experience a 12.5% compound annual growth rate, and be w

Sweep, a no-code config tool for Salesforce software, raises $28M

Businesses often encounter challenges in configuring their customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, whether because of requirements specific to their organization or industry or a lack of ins

No one seemed to see Bret Taylor stepping away from Salesforce (even Marc Benioff)

Salesforce co-CEO Bret Taylor's resignation was a shock, and it’s safe to say that few if any saw this coming — even his mentor, Marc Benioff.

Surfe brings your CRM data to LinkedIn — and vice versa

Surfe, the startup that was originally named Leadjet, is an interesting browser extension if you spend a lot of time on LinkedIn and are tired of switching between your CRM and the professional social

WATI, a CRM tool built for WhatsApp, raises $23M led by Tiger Global

WhatsApp is used by more than two billion around the world and is an important tool for many small businesses. But as they scale up, even WhatsApp for Business might not be able to keep up with their

Starboard Value reportedly taking ‘significant’ stake in Salesforce

Activist investor Starboard Value is taking a "significant stake" in Salesforce today. The firm believes that Salesforce could perform better.

Salesforce built a data lake to transform how customer data moves on the platform

The ultimate goal of pulling customer data together into a customer data platform (CDP) is building more meaningful customer experiences in real time. Up until now, that’s been more aspirational

The alternative asset class needs new infrastructure — who will build it?

Just as traditional alternatives are becoming a consistent part of the modern portfolio, a new era of alternative assets is emerging, fueling a broader and more fragmented landscape for investing.

Enterprise e-commerce in 2022: As TAM expands, the platform wars are heating up

2022 is turning out to be a phenomenal year for enterprise e-commerce platforms. The pandemic was a reckoning for corporations ambivalent about e-commerce, and the result of that is evident.

For LatAm payment orchestration startups, market fragmentation is a blessing in disguise

To be successful in Latin America, payment orchestrators must provide a robust value proposition that meets the unique conditions of the region.

7 AI startups that stood out in YC’s Summer ’22 batch

Y Combinator (YC) hosted a demo day for its 2022 Summer Cohort. Featuring founders from 30 countries and startups across sectors, the day saw no shortage of compelling pitches.
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