Corporate Social Responsibility

  • How VCs can do more good Crunch Network

    How VCs can do more good

    Venture capital does many great things for the United States. Importantly, it fuels the innovation economy, churning out disruptive products, companies and entire new industries. Indeed, venture is extreme capitalism. Creative destruction rolls over incumbents, and society is usually better off as a result. But a good society requires more than just a robust economy. Read More

  • It takes more than a village Crunch Network

    It takes more than a village

    Where there is wireless connectivity, there is a way to improve lives. That’s why countless mobile-for-development programs designed to address health, education and economic issues have been flooding Africa. Hailed as the “mobile continent,” Africa has generated $150 billion through the mobile ecosystem. But not every tech-for-good initiative can be M-PESA, the mobile… Read More

  • Should your startup take the public benefit or B corp route? Crunch Network

    Should your startup take the public benefit or B corp route?

    While most founders want to make a boatload of money, achieving a stunning exit is not the only driver for most entrepreneurs. Many are fueled by the challenge of solving a problem or producing something meaningful. Some want to make a corporate commitment to social responsibility by organizing their business as a B Corporation, with a mission to do good written into the governing documents. Read More

  • Facebook Enhances Its Suicide Prevention Outreach, Adds Services For Vets And Military Personnel

    Facebook Enhances Its Suicide Prevention Outreach, Adds Services For Vets And Military Personnel

    Facebook’s role as a social network for close to one billion people can be a weighty responsibility, and today the company took one more step in the kind of social outreach activities that befit a company with that kind of audience. It has formed a new partnership with Blue Star Families and the Department of Veterans Affairs to create a special set of services aimed at vets and… Read More

  • Energy Efficiency Measures Saved AT&T $44 Million In 2010

    Telecommunications giant AT&T announced the results of its 2010 energy efficiency efforts today. According to the company’s own report, it saw $44 million in annualized energy savings as a result of implementing 4,200 energy efficiency projects at its facilities last year. These included familiar technologies that, pervasively applied, made a big difference, like: Swapping… Read More

  • GoodGuide Rolls Out New Social Features

    Good Guide — the mobile app and website that helps people find products that measure up to their environmental and social values — quietly rolled out new, social networking and product recommendation features this month. Groups of friends and colleagues can now follow each other via Good Guide, share product reviews, and either warn to avoid, or encourage one another to try… Read More

  • Dell, IBM Top Newsweek's List Of Most Environmentally Responsible Public Tech Companies

    Today, Newsweek released its environmental rankings of the 500 largest publicly traded companies in America, and internationally as measured by revenue, market capitalization, and number of employees. The U.S. list included forty-nine tech sector companies. Their rankings were based on criteria including: “[the companies’] actual environmental footprint, management of that… Read More