Marrakesh Treaty will limit copyright, easing book access for blind and print-disabled worldwide

It's difficult enough already for the visually impaired to read the books and publications sighted people take for granted, but it's downright impossible when the content isn't even available in acces

Supreme Court affirms Google Books scans of copyrighted works are fair use

A Supreme Court order issued today closes the book on (or perhaps merely ends this chapter of) more than a decade of legal warfare between Google and the Authors Guild over the legality of the former'

Legal Streaming: Build Your Audience Without Getting GG’ed

Tens of thousands of broadcasters, game developers, and fans converged on San Francisco’s Moscone Center during TwitchCon 2015 -- Twitch’s inaugural celebration for the videogame streaming communi

Sony Music Tries To Force Creator To Pull Video It Licensed From Him

In the ongoing saga of big companies failing to understand what they are doing on the Internet we point you to Sony Music vs. Mitch Martinez. Mitch is a videographer who makes cool visuals and runs a

Google Says It Will Not De-List Entire Sites For Copyright Violations

In an open letter to the Office and Management and Budget’s Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator, Google announced today that it opposes the practice of removing entire sites from search re

YouTube Now Tells You How Copyrighted Music Will Affect Your Video Before You Upload It

Google today launched a new feature in the YouTube Audio Library that allows uploaders who use copyrighted music to see exactly what will happen to their videos before they upload them. When you up

Getty Images Jumps Into The Age Of Social Media With A Free Embed Tool For Its Photo Library

Last year, <a target="_blank" href="">Getty Images</a> began to double down on how it could better control and ultimately make money from its library of 150 million of pictur

Nine Music Labels Plan To Sue Vkontakte, The Facebook Of Russia, Over 6,000 Illegal Tracks

<a target="_blank" href="">Vkontakte</a>, a social networking site known as the "Facebook of Russia", is facing legal action from nine music labels including EMI, Sony and Warner over

Swedish Fan-Made Subtitle Site Is Shut Down By Copyright Police

In a move that should give Twilight slash-fic writers pause, the Swedish copyright enforcement agency, called Intrångsundersökning, raided and seized the servers of, a fansub site ded

Kim Dotcom Makes Another Plea For Legal Relief As U.S., UK, Canada Attorneys General Converge Down Under

Kim Dotcom and his legal team are seizing the moment of a <a target="_blank" href="">meeting</a> of attorneys general from the U.S., UK, Canada, Au

Fox Shuts Down Cory Doctorow’s Homeland Book In Overzealous DMCA takedown

<a target="_blank" href="">TorrentFreak is reporting</a> that links to Cory Doctorow's book, <a target="_blank" hre

Bait Car: How Hollywood Has Found A New Way To Make Money

Paul (not his real name) has never seen the movie <a target="_blank" href="">The Divide</a>. He's a horror buff and sometimes tries to find odd and decidedly bad fl

Zynga And EA Settle Legal Battle Over ‘Unmistakable Copy’ Of The Sims And ‘Anti-Competitive’ Practices

According to InsideSocialGames, Zynga and EA have settled their legal dispute over the former’s alleged copying of EA’s popular game “The Sims.” It was clear to many that once

EFF: Calling All Geeks – Help Explain To Judges Hearing Oracle v. Google Appeal Why Copyrighting APIs Is Such A Bad Idea

The <a target="_blank" href="">Electronic Frontier Foundation</a> (EFF) is <a target="_blank" href="">asking for he

Apple Vs. Samsung: Another Blow For Apple As Dutch Court Rules Samsung Does Not Infringe Multitouch Patent

Another loss for Apple in the courts: a Dutch court in the Hague has ruled Samsung does not infringe an Apple multitouch patent, Reuters is reporting. Apple had argued last month in the court that Sam

YouTube Changes Its Content ID Appeals Process

YouTube today <a target="_blank" href="">announced</a> that it is making some important changes to its appeals process for users who

3Taps Files Countersuit, Says Craigslist Is Anticompetitive. ‘We Just Want To Use Data Without Fear Of Being Sued’

Craigslist may have a peace sign as part of its logo, but the war over its data continues. As TechCrunch <a href="

3Taps Is Planning To File A Countersuit Against Craigslist Tomorrow, Citing Antitrust Laws And Uncompetitive Behavior

The legal fight between mega-listings site <a target="_blank" href="">Craigslist</a> and third parties that have used its data in their own applications looks like it is takin

Swiss Federal Railways Accuses Apple Of Copying Its Railway Clock Design For iPad Clock App

With the launch of iOS 6, Apple finally brought a clock app to the iPad. Now, however, the design of the clocks in the app has become somewhat of a controversy as Swiss Federal Railways (mostly known

Ustream’s Automatic Copyright Protection Just Killed The Salesforce Keynote Stream (UPDATED)

Here's an example of awesome technology working, but potentially at the wrong time. The Salesforce/Dreamforce keynote was interrupted during its Ustream streaming due to copyright protection.
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