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TPP Trade Agreement Slammed For Eroding Online Rights

Measures agreed in an international trade treaty between Pacific Rim countries threaten Internet users' privacy and consumer rights, civil and digital rights organizations have warned today.

MPAA Takes Down Pirating Group And Popcorn Time Fork

There are corks popping around the MPAA offices today. The American trade organization is claiming responsibility for shutting down several pirating services including a popular version of Popcorn Tim

Copyright Captures APIs: A New Caution For Developers

Google v. Oracle. It's a sensational case. A battle of tech heavyweights -- and a software copyright case that went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Millions of dollars are at stake. And the ram

UK Police Replacing Ads On Piracy Sites With Warnings

UK police have started replacing ads on websites that provide access to pirated or copyright infringing material with warnings to web users that the site is on a watch list -- and a call for them to c

As Europe Bats Around ACTA, UK Proposes Rules For ISPs Policing Copyright Breaches

With Europe <a target="_blank" href="">prepari

Pinterest Copyright Issues Could Spur Changes To Terms Of Use And ‘Pin Etiquette’

Pinterest has had trouble brewing for a while over what some people say are frequent copyright violations that happen when users 'pin' photos on the site without permission from the photo's owner. But

Denver Post Sues Drudge Report For Copyright Infringement Over Photo

<img src="" />The Denver Post has sued the Drudge Report—still one of the best link repositories—for copyright infringe

Isn't President Obama a little busy to be concerning himself with kids downloading pop songs?

<img src="" />Apparently there was some sort of media summit in Abu Dhabi recently, and a big topic of discussion was copyright infringeme

IFPI claims that music piracy is right up there with climate change. At least they're not being melodramatic about it.

<img src="" />The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry is sorta like a worldwide RIAA, representing record labels, artists

Our long national nightmare is over: Last Fairlight guy pleads guilty to criminal copyright infringement

<img src="" />The Feds have stricken a <a HREF="">huge blow against pirac

YouTube presses the mute button on some uploads

<img src="" alt="a YouTube video" title="a YouTube video" />YouTube is chock full of amateur videos. It's <em>easy</em> to make

Judge calls out RIAA lawyers for bankrupting families

Go ahead and read this court transcript. It’s a 35-page PDF of the London-Sire Records. Does 1-4 copyright infringement case. It’s the same song and dance you’re all familiar with: R

Electronic Arts sued for copyright infringement of UNLV fight song

Bad news for Electronic Arts today, with word that the composer of the University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV) fight song is suing the publisher for copyright infringement. The suit, which alleges th

Store Music Online In Japan, Get Arrested

Companies offering online file-storage may want to pull out of the Japanese market real soon. A recent court ruling in Tokyo deemed a company called Image City guilty of copyright infringement. Why? J