IAC’s Teltech acquired encrypted mobile messaging app Confide

IAC has acquired Confide, the encrypted mobile messaging that once made headlines for its use by White House staffers during the Trump administration. The deal, which closed on Dec. 1, 2020 but was no

Confide makes its iOS messaging app ‘screenshot proof’

Messaging app Confide, which was last year touted as a popular choice in Trump's White House for staff wanting to leak intel to the press, has added protection against screenshotting to its iOS app.

Confide CEO Jon Brod on the White House, bad press and what’s next for his secure messaging app

At a recent StrictlyVC event in San Francisco, I sat down with Confide co-founder and president Jon Brod to talk with him about his decidedly topsy-turvy 2017. Though his three-year-old messaging app

Confide sued over ephemerality and screenshot protection claims

Confide, the encrypted chat app that's reportedly popular among Trump staffers, is facing a class action lawsuit that claims Confide misled consumers about its ability to protect messages from being s

Researchers critique security in messaging app Confide

Confide, a messaging app that’s raised millions in venture capital and promises “military-grade encryption” to its users, has surged in popularity among D.C.¬†insiders who want to ke

Confide brings self-destructing messaging to iMessage

Confide, the confidential messaging app that launched back in 2013, has today announced an integration with iMessage in iOS 10. As part of iOS 10’s new iMessage features, which incorporates apps

Confide confidential messenger gets $1.6 million, launches premium message retraction

Confide, the messaging platform that keeps everything confidential, has today announced the close of a $1.6 million extension to their seed round, bringing total funding to $3.6 million. Investors inc

Confide, The Self-Destructing Messenger, Goes Live On Desktop

Confide, the app that lets you send self-destructing messages, is now transitioning to the desktop. Confide launched 18 months ago as a mobile app on iOS and Android, offering users the chance to send

Confide Now Lets You Share Disappearing Photos and Documents

Last year, a couple of guys launched an app called Confide to enable ephemeral messaging for business users. The idea was to bring off-the-record mobile messaging into the enterprise but the app lacke

In Communications, Privacy And Security Are Illusions

President Obama has tried for three years to persuade Congress to pass a cybersecurity bill. The president went so far as to highlight his cybersecurity proposals to a prime-time audience during his r

Confide Updates Its App To Make Sending Text-Based Ephemeral Messages Faster

Confide launched the first version of its app to enable enterprise users to send and receive text-based messages that disappear when you're done reading them. Today it's hoping to improve the experie

Confide Brings Its Enterprise Ephemeral Messaging App To Android

There was just one problem with Confide -- for the last several months since launch, the app was only available on iPhone. Which means that if you wanted to have your conversations disappear with some

Confide Raises $1.9 Million In Seed Funding To Bring Disappearing Messages To Enterprise Users

It's been just a month since we first heard about <a target="_blank" href="">Confide</a>, the confidential messaging app designed for professionals. But already the app has dr