Confide confidential messenger gets $1.6 million, launches premium message retraction

Confide, the messaging platform that keeps everything confidential, has today announced the close of a $1.6 million extension to their seed round, bringing total funding to $3.6 million. Investors include existing investors such as WGI Group, First Round Capital, SV Angel, CrunchFund, Marker, Howard Lerman and others.

Confide works by letting users send messages to each other that can only be read by dragging your finger across the message. Only the part of the message that is touched will appear, making it impossible for someone to look over your shoulder and read the full message.

When the recipient exits the message or starts a response, the original message is destroyed.

Confide has come a long way since inception. The platform now has a desktop version of the app, and lets users send photos and documents with the same finger-dragging mechanism to ensure the whole thing is never shown at one time.

But today, Confide is launching its first premium feature in the form of message retraction.

The company is still testing price points (somewhere between $1.99 and $3.99 per month) to let users pull back a sent message before it’s read by the recipient.

You’d think that message retraction wouldn’t be as crucial on a platform that promises confidentiality and self-destructing messages, but founder and CEO Jon Brod says that it’s a much-requested feature that has done extremely well in testing.

In terms of upcoming premium features, Brod wouldn’t share any specific details, but he did say that the company is looking hard at other types of media like disappearing video and potentially voice chat.

You can learn more about Confide here.

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