Gift Guide: Krups EA82 Automatic Coffee/Espresso Maker

People like coffee. People like coffeemakers. People like coffeemakers that make great coffee. That's why you should look into the EA82, Krups' fanciest coffee maker, an all-automatic espresso and lon

Review: Krups EA82 Automatic Espresso Maker Makes You Love To Love It

I was about to add this coffee maker (excuse me: espresso maker) to the <a href="">Luddite gift guide</a> but instead I f

This Sexy Coffee Gadget Probably Won’t Ever Exist

What is it? A laser cutter? A mod photo enlarger? A microscope? A tattoo remover? Nope, it's a coffee maker, but an extremely svelte coffee maker. In fact, I imagine this little <a href="

Kone 2: Non-Electric Roastaroo

<img src="" />All right, so the headline is <a href="">kind of a stre

Stovetop Espresso Goes To The Dark Side

I was perusing NotCot’s roundup of non-electric coffee gear and spotted Darth Stovetop here. I talked about this old-school method of making espresso here (delicious and difficult), but in case

Kickstarter: Coffee Joulies Are Temperature Regulators For Your Java

<img src="" />Some people love the hot coffee. <em>Love</em> the hot. People order their americanos "extra hot" so the baristas wi

Just In Time For Trenta: Send Your Facebook Friends Starbucks Card eGifts

<img src="" />Starbucks, the coffee giant, has just launched an electronic gift card program called Starbucks Card eGifts. There

Croatian Coffee Cafe Caters To iPad People

<img src="" />When you go into a coffee shop anymore, isn't it just full of <a href="">iPads

Yeah, So This Exists: A Coffee Cozy Wallet

Bread and circuses, friends. Bread and circuses.

Keurig Could Put RFID Chips In Their Coffee Pods

<img src="">According to an <a HREF="

Mocca Pearl concept: espresso in the wilderness

<img src="" />Okay, it's an egg-shaped version of the Moka Express <a href="

Low-tech coffee: it's the way to go

In the kitchen, the gadgets and objects that we use can be roughly divided into two categories: the ones that do something, and the ones that make something easier. It isn’t a judgment on their

MugStir is a spoon that hangs on a mug

<img src="" alt="mugstir" />Crowdsourcing. It’s so hot right now. Case in point, this crowdsourced spoon. It’s called the MugStir an

Finally! USB-powered latte foamer

<img src="">When I first saw this, I thought to myself, “Wow, that is wonderfully stupid.” But then after remembering my day

Woot! Gevalia G90 coffee maker for $10

<img src="">Go ahead and file this deal under “aggressive” as is selling the Gevalia G90 coffee maker for just $10

This is a voice guided coffee maker. Yes, you read that right.

<img src="" />You know which sector has been aching for interactive voice command features? Coffee makers. For instance, if I were to set

Brunton's Flip N' Drip makes camping more coffee-tastic

<img src="" alt="Flip-N-Drip" />If you find yourself in the overlapping section of the Venn diagram containing people who like camping a

iFixit breaks down… a Starbucks Barista espresso machine

<img src="" />I bet you thought iFixit only tore apart Apple products and high-profile electronics. Not so! The Starbucks Baris

Golfers Mug combines coffee and putting

<img src="" alt="mug" />Ah the Golfers Mug: such a simple idea. Drink your coffee and then lay the mug on the floor

In-wall coffeemaker from Siemens: functional but seems drastic

<img src="" />As a Seattle resident, I can confirm that people here <em>do </em>love coffee. But I see remarkably few pe
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