I’ve never seen so many crap startups

Startups are so full of shit right now.  The pipes are jammed and there are so many companies that are full to bursting with the desire to un-pack them.  We’ve just been through determining the sh

Rich and worried about the world? Put your money where your concern is

Too much bullshit that is bad for the planet gets shrugged off under the protective armor of preserving shareholder value.

Climate volatility helps agtech platform Semios raise $100M round led by Morningside

One of the greatest challenges for farmers today is the increasing volatility in the climate, leading to unpredictable weather patterns, making growing conditions challenging. If farmers can’t grow

How to sell a startup for a $1B, Automattic, WeWork craziness, Kobalt, Netflix, Blackstone, and ClimateTech

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