Chrome makes it easier to customize the appearance of your browser

Google Chrome is releasing a new update that makes it easier to customize and personalize your browser’s look, the company announced on Tuesday. For years, Chrome has had a “Customize Chro

Google will disable third-party cookies for 1% of Chrome users in Q1 2024

Google’s Privacy Sandbox aims to replace third-party cookies with a more privacy-conscious approach, allowing users to manage their interests and grouping them into cohorts based on similar brow

Google disrupts malware that steals sensitive data from Chrome users

Google has disrupted infrastructure linked to the notorious CryptBot malware, which the company claims has stolen data from hundreds of thousands of browser users in the past year alone. CryptBot is m

Google says it just made Chrome a lot faster on both Mac and Android

Google’s Chrome web browser is getting a speed boost. According to a news announcement out today, Google has made several under-the-hood performance improvements to its popular browser, leading

Google says Chrome won’t drain your MacBook battery as much

Google said that it is rolling out under-the-hood improvements to the latest version of Chrome that makes it less of a battery hog on MacBooks. The company said that version 110, which is rolling out

Google rolls out new features to make in-app browsers better on Android

In-app browsers are usually not the best way to consume content in an app. In fact, Android developers have been using the Chrome custom tabs features to fine-tune the experience. Now Google is rolli

Chrome for Android now lets you lock your incognito session

Chrome is rolling out an update for Android users that lets them lock their incognito sessions with a password code or biometric info when they exit the app. The feature has been available for iOS use

Chrome is adding shortcuts to easily search for tabs, bookmarks and history from the address bar

Google is adding new shortcuts to make it easier for users to search for tabs, bookmarks and history from the address bar. You can now type @tabs, @bookmarks or @history to begin searching for website

Spyware vendor Variston exploited Chrome, Firefox and Windows zero-days, says Google

A Barcelona-based company that bills itself as a custom security solutions provider exploited several zero-day vulnerabilities in Windows, and Chrome and Firefox browsers to plant spyware, say Google

SigmaOS raises $4 million to build a browser for productivity nerds

There is no doubt that Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox attract the majority of browser users. But despite this dominance, smaller browser companies are trying to carve a niche, and even get users to

Google is finally making Chrome tablet-friendly

After ignoring the app experience on Android tablets for years, Google appears increasingly focused on turning things around. Earlier this year, the search giant introduced Android 12L, which brought

Google delays move away from cookies in Chrome to 2024

Google is again delaying plans to phase out Chrome’s use of third-party cookies — the files websites use to remember preferences and track online activity. In a blog post, Anthony Chavez,

Google’s Chrome OS Flex for old PCs and Macs is now out of beta

Google announced today that Chrome OS Flex, its operating system for old PCs and Macs that can be loaded on a thumb drive, is now out of beta with support for more than 400 devices. The company first

Watch Google I/O keynote live right here

Google’s developer conference Google I/O is back, which means that the company has a few things to announce. During the opening keynote, Google is expected to unveil new hardware products, new softw

Google says Chrome on macOS is now faster than Safari

Version 100 of Google Chrome will launch within the next few weeks, but even after all of this time, there’s still some room for speeding up the browser. As Google announced today, version 99 of

Google wants to bring Chrome OS to your PC or Mac

Google today announced Chrome OS Flex, an early preview of a new initiative that aims to bring Chrome OS to virtually any PC (and older Intel-based Macs). Built on top of CloudReady, which Google acqu

Google agrees with UK’s CMA to deeper oversight of Privacy Sandbox

As part of an ongoing antitrust investigation into Google’s Privacy Sandbox by the UK’s competition regulator, the adtech giant has agreed to an expanded set of commitments related to over

Apple now lets you review more default apps like Phone, Messages, Photos and Safari

Apple finally put itself on equal footing with rivals by allowing users to rate and review its own, first-party apps for the first time this fall, amid increased regulatory pressure ahead of a likely

Chrome Beta to experiment with a more powerful New Tab page, web highlights and search changes

Google is launching a new version of its Chrome Beta browser today that’s introducing some fairly notable changes to its user interface and design. The browser will introduce an updated New Tab

Chrome now uses Duplex to fix your stolen passwords

Google announced a new feature for its Chrome browser today that alerts you when one of your passwords has been compromised and then helps you automatically change your password with the help of&#8230
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