ChromeOS brings customization for keyboard shortcuts

Google is rolling out the April update to ChromeOS users with features like the ability to customize keyboard shortcuts and mouse button actions. The update also brings improved offline text-to-speech

Google is making search suggestions in Chrome more helpful

Google is introducing improvements to search suggestions in Chrome, the company announced today. As part of the changes, users will start to get more helpful search suggestions in Chrome based on what

Google Chrome gains AI features, including a writing helper, theme creator, and tab organizer

Google’s Chrome web browser is getting an infusion of AI technology in the latest release. The company announced today it’s soon adding a trio of new AI-powered features to Chrome for Mac

Chrome’s search bar now has smarter autocomplete, automatic typo fixes and more

Google is introducing five new updates to the Chrome address bar to make it easier to search the web, the tech giant announced on Wednesday. The changes include smarter autocompletion, automatic typo

Google patches zero-day exploited by commercial spyware vendor

Google has rushed to patch a zero-day vulnerability in Chrome that was exploited by a commercial spyware vendor. The vulnerability was reported to the Chrome team by Clement Lecigne of Google’s Thre

ChromeOS 117 update brings Material You design and a new window organizer

Google is rolling out ChromeOS 117 to Chromebooks with several new features, including Material You design, a customizable window-switching panel and the ability to join video calls directly from the

Google’s Parisa Tabriz on how the company stays ahead of hackers

Google is constantly under attack. But while hackers have compromised gaming giants, casinos and other technology giants in recent months, Google has so far remained largely unscathed. Parisa Tabriz,

Chromebooks will get updates for 10 years

Google announced today that Chromebooks will now receive automatic software updates for 10 years after the hardware platform’s release date (the platform in that case is a bit like a car platfor

Google flips the switch on interest-based ads with ‘Privacy Sandbox’ rollout

Google is now rolling out Privacy Sandbox — its tech to replace third-party cookies — to all Chrome users. The company is touting this as a more privacy-forward feature, which tracks topics of int

Google Chrome gets a visual makeover, new search features for its 15th anniversary

Google is giving its popular Chrome desktop browser a complete redesign in celebration of Chrome’s 15th anniversary. The browser’s new look will be based on Google’s “Material

Chrome is testing an option to enable bottom-placed address bar on iOS

Google Chrome is testing an option to let users move the address bar to the bottom of the screen on iOS. This comes nearly two years after Apple shifted Safari’s tab bar to the bottom with iOS 1

Google says Apple employee found a zero-day but did not report it

Google fixed a zero-day in Chrome that was found by an Apple employee, according to comments in the official bug report. While the bug itself is not newsworthy, the circumstances of how this bug was f

Google starts the GA rollout of its Privacy Sandbox APIs to all Chrome users

Google continues the rollout of its Privacy Sandbox APIs — its replacement for tracking cookies for the online advertising industry. Today, right on schedule and in time for the launch of Chrome

Google introduces new accessibility and collaboration features for classrooms

Google introduced new accessibility and learning features on Tuesday at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) expo. These features included expansion of the reading mode, pairin

Chrome makes it easier to customize the appearance of your browser

Google Chrome is releasing a new update that makes it easier to customize and personalize your browser’s look, the company announced on Tuesday. For years, Chrome has had a “Customize Chro

Google will disable third-party cookies for 1% of Chrome users in Q1 2024

Google’s Privacy Sandbox aims to replace third-party cookies with a more privacy-conscious approach, allowing users to manage their interests and grouping them into cohorts based on similar brow

Google disrupts malware that steals sensitive data from Chrome users

Google has disrupted infrastructure linked to the notorious CryptBot malware, which the company claims has stolen data from hundreds of thousands of browser users in the past year alone. CryptBot is m

Google says it just made Chrome a lot faster on both Mac and Android

Google’s Chrome web browser is getting a speed boost. According to a news announcement out today, Google has made several under-the-hood performance improvements to its popular browser, leading

Google says Chrome won’t drain your MacBook battery as much

Google said that it is rolling out under-the-hood improvements to the latest version of Chrome that makes it less of a battery hog on MacBooks. The company said that version 110, which is rolling out

Google rolls out new features to make in-app browsers better on Android

In-app browsers are usually not the best way to consume content in an app. In fact, Android developers have been using the Chrome custom tabs features to fine-tune the experience. Now Google is rolli
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