• Chile’s Grand Innovation Experiment

    Regions all over the world have spent millions—sometimes billions—of dollars trying to create their own Silicon Valley. They drank the same Kool-Aid and used the same recipe: start with a research university; build a fancy tech park next it; give tax breaks to chosen companies to locate in the park; attract venture capital by offering matching investments; and watch the magic… Read More

  • Video: Chilean Miners Trying To Keep Up Spirits By Making Videos, Playing Games

    How crazy is this Chilean mine story? Guys have been trapped down there for three weeks! And despite that, they seem to be in pretty good spirits. I mean, they’re far more cheery than anyone I know, that’s for sure. Read More

  • Chop-Shop Workers and Bootstrappers: Chile Really Wants You

    Chop-Shop Workers and Bootstrappers: Chile Really Wants You

    Silicon Valley’s vitality depends on a constant influx of bright people who challenge its inhabitants to work harder and think smarter. And, as I noted in my last post, America’s economy depends on startups to create jobs and innovation. Skilled immigrants have provided both. So, given the miserable state of the economy, we should be laying out the welcome mat for the… Read More

  • Dear Mr. President: Immigration Reform Won’t Be Enough To Stop The Brain Drain

    Dear Mr. President: Immigration Reform Won’t Be Enough To Stop The Brain Drain

    In a speech at the American University last Thursday, President Obama highlighted the incredible economic rewards that America has gained from its immigrants. He spoke of new waves of immigrants—from places like Ireland, Italy, Poland, and China—challenging the generations before them, and consequently being subjected to “rank discrimination and ugly stereotypes”. Yet… Read More

  • World's largest telescope to open in Chile

    The European Southern Observatory will construct the world’s largest telescope in Chile. They’re calling it the European Extremely Large Telescope, and it’s being constructed in Chile because the night sky there is totally clear some 320 days per year. Read More

  • Chile Wants Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses, Your Tech Entrepreneurs

    Are you an immigrant who is fed up with waiting for years for a green card which you may never get? Or a tech entrepreneur looking to dramatically cut costs? I’ve got a suggestion for you. Move South. No, I don’t mean to Los Angeles or San Diego, I’m taking about way down South in Chile. They’ll welcome you with open arms and offer you incentives which will cut your… Read More