Private equity descends on Chartbeat

Chartbeat, a website that tells publishers about their readers, is getting the private equity treatment. Launched out of Betaworks in 2009, the service offered real-time analytics back when Google Ana

Meet your Disrupt NY Startup Battlefield final round judges: John Borthwick, Charles Hudson, Alfred Lin, Susan Lyne, Matthew Panzarino and Alan Patricof

Choosing this year’s Disrupt NY Startup Battlefield winners will be a tough job. There is an exceptionally strong and unique group of young companies competing in Startup Battlefield next week w

Chartbeat Raises $15.5 Million To Save Publishers From The “Viewpocalypse”

ChartBeat today said it raised $15.5 million in its latest round of funding — and that money is going toward helping publishers improve their advertising businesses. Recently the Interactive Advert

Chartbeat’s Campaign IQ Dashboard Offers A Less Wonky Way To Measure Ads

Real-time analytics service Chartbeat has been <a target="_blank" href="">banging the drum</a> for the past few months about the ne

Real-Time Analytics Startup Chartbeat Adds Data For Native Ads, Raises $3M More

Native advertising is seen "as this great new hope for publishing," said Chartbeat CEO Tony Haile, but there's also a fair amount of skepticism and outright dismissal. He argued that one of the main r

Chartbeat Looks Beyond Clicks With Redesigned Publisher Analytics

It's not unusual to hear complaints about websites that are too focused on maximizing clicks — but it's a little surprising to hear those words coming from Tony Haile, CEO of real-time analytics sta

GoSquared Super-Charges Its API To Take the Real-Time Analytics Fight To Google

Last month Google <a href="">finally</a> rolled out an invite-only Beta of its real-time API for Analy

Chartbeat’s New Dashboard Plugs Publishers’ Video Data Into Their Real-Time Analytics

<a target="_blank" href="">Chartbeat</a> is launching what CEO Tony Haile told me has been the big "missing piece" from its real-time analytics product for publishers — a vid

Newsbeat Measures The Pulse Of News Sites

The news never sleeps, which is why news sites like TechCrunch are addicted to realtime information. That addiction extends to the analytical tools news sites use to determine which articles are reso

Al Jazeera's Social Revolution (In Realtime)

<img src=""> While you can <a href="

It's official – GoSquared gets funded to take the fight to Chartbeat

<img class="shot" title="GoSquared logo" src="" alt="GoSquared logo" width="191" height="58" /><a href="">GoSq

Geckoboard: "It's Chartbeat For Everything Else"

<img src=""> Businesses live or die on their ability to react to the market in realtime. The faster you can get information, the faster

Chartbeat Cracks 2 Million Concurrent Users Tracked

<img src=""> It was only last August that <a href="">Chartbeat</a> passed <a href="

Chartbeat Raises $3 Million From Index, Conway, Sacca, Clavier, Lerer, And Dixon

<img src=""> In a short amount of time since its <a href="

Chartbeat Raises $3 Million From Index, Conway, Sacca, Clavier, Lerer, And Dixon

<img src=""> In a short amount of time since its <a href="

Chartbeat Breaks The One-Million Mark

<img src=""> If you are not tracking your Website in realtime, you probably don't know what is happening on your site—or you know too

Pick Up The Realtime Pulse Of Your Website With Chartbeat's New Beta

<img src=""> When betaworks launched <a href="">chartbeat</a> nearly a year ago, the idea was to create a <a href="

Chartbeat Brings Realtime Analytics to TypePad and DreamHost

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Betaworks Email To Investors: Read It Here

<img src="" width="215" height="196" />Famous angel investor <a href="

Jump Into The Stream

<img src="" width="124" height="200" /> Once again, the Internet is shifting before our eyes. Information is increasin
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