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  • ChargePoint ups the fast charging ante

    ChargePoint ups the fast charging ante

    On the heels of EVgo‘s announcement that it was breaking ground on its first 350-kW public charger, ChargePoint announced at CES that it has developed what it calls an ultra-fast DC charging station that can deliver up to 400 kW. The ChargePoint Express Plus is aimed at cutting-edge cars that charge quickly and have long ranges, like the Tesla Model 3 and Chevy Bolt — cars that… Read More

  • How fast is fast charging?

    How fast is fast charging?

    EVgo announced this month that it has broken ground on what will be the first public DC fast charging station, capable of up to 350 kw, in California — more powerful even than current charging champs Tesla Superchargers. The EVgo station will be ready to charge up near the World’s Tallest Thermometer (yup) in Baker, California, this summer. This begs the questions: How fast are… Read More

  • ChargePoint creates Waitlist for public EV charging

    ChargePoint creates Waitlist for public EV charging

    It seems counterintuitive to call a service Waitlist. No one wants to be put on a wait list; we want to just do the thing we came to do. But ChargePoint has, ahem, a point in creating this new feature, which launches today. Basically, it allows drivers of electric vehicles to virtually queue up for a charging station. Here’s the situation that Waitlist aims to solve. Say John, who has… Read More

  • Nissan says EV chargers will outnumber gas stations in the UK by 2020

    Nissan says EV chargers will outnumber gas stations in the UK by 2020

    A new study by car maker Nissan predicts the U.K. will have more electric vehicle charging locations than gas stations by 2020. It’s a bold prediction to estimate that EV chargers will outnumber places to gas up in just four short years, but Nissan is counting on both a continued decline in the number of operational gas stations, as well as new charge points coming online. The attrition… Read More

  • ChargePoint raises $50 million to charge more cars

    ChargePoint raises $50 million to charge more cars

    ChargePoint announced this month that it had raised $50 million in its latest round of funding, thanks in large part to Linse Capital. That makes a total of $164 million raised from investors like BMW iVentures and Siemens, among others. ChargePoint already has the largest EV┬ácharging network in North America, with 28,000 stations installed since 2007. According to the U.S. Department of… Read More

  • Is There A Smoother Road To Success For Tesla In China? Crunch Network

    Is There A Smoother Road To Success For Tesla In China?

    Things weren’t looking good for Tesla in China in early 2015. The luxury automaker faced tax breaks that favor domestic manufacturers, complex local license-plate laws and an army of sophisticated domestic copycats. Such hurdles are to be expected when any U.S. tech startup expands into China, but they seemed to hit Elon Musk’s Silicon Valley darling particularly hard. Read More

  • Coulomb Tweaks Electric Vehicle Chargers For Europe, Ready For Nissan LEAF

    Coulomb Technologies — a Campbell, Calif. company that makes electric vehicle charging stations, related apps and network technology — today revealed new features and certifications that should help the company grow its business in European markets, and prepare for the Nissan LEAF to hit the streets. One new feature of the company’s ChargePoint network allows… Read More

  • Kyocera's Solar Cycle Station: Eco-Friendly Stand For Charging E-Bikes

    Sure, in many cases electric bikes are much more eco-friendly than cars, but even e-bikes need to be charged in some way or the other – most of the time, the power doesn’t come from eco-friendly sources. Kyocera, however, yesterday announced [JP] an alternative: the so-called “Solar Cycle Station”, which is essentially some kind of a bike stand that allows owners to… Read More

  • CHAdeMO: Japan wants to set global standard for electric cars

    The electric car continues to be a hot topic in Japan. A slew of influential Japanese companies like Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi (whose i miev is pictured on the left), or Tokyo Electric Power have now started an initiative aimed at creating a global standard, dubbed CHAdeMO, for high-speed battery chargers for electric cars. The consortium will consist of a total of 158 different companies… Read More