CES 2024

Visible wants to track your illness, more than your fitness

There’s no shortage of health and fitness trackers — the list of suppliers is as long as my arm, ranging from the mainstream (Apple, Google, Samsung, Fitbit, Withings) to the more esoteric and

A new dawn for maker tech startups

Reencle teases a hungrier, quieter home composter — for a price

If the upcoming smart composter works as advertised, it'll help households reduce their greenhouse gas emissions from food waste, while generating nutrient-rich fertilizer for gardens.

Transportation tech trends at CES 2024, another micromobility merger and Waymo robotaxis hit the highway

The Station is a weekly newsletter dedicated to all things transportation. Sign up here — just click TechCrunch Mobility — to receive the newsletter every weekend in your inbox. Subscribe for f

CES has almost fully succeeded in chasing sex-tech off its show floors

CES has long been a launchpad for innovation and cutting-edge technology. However, at this year’s event, there was a conspicuous void: the near-absence of sex tech. Despite being an industry tha

All the future of transportation tech that stood out at CES 2024

TechCrunch walked the floors of CES 2024 to find all the interesting transportation tech. Here are the biggest trends we spotted.

Age tech at CES was much more than gadgets

CES was definitely worth watching closely, if only just for the rise of age tech.

What CES 2024 told us about the home robot

Few tech demos can match the spectacle of robotics. Even as the field grows increasingly prevalent in a broad range of industrial workplaces, mechatronics doing impressive things will never cease to a

CES 2024: The weirdest tech, gadgets and AI claims from Las Vegas

CES 2024 is in full swing in Las Vegas. We’re on the ground giving you the most talked about news and announcements from the event, but much of the fun is to be found in the weirder margins of the s

Makera is releasing a baby sibling of its Carvera desktop 4-axis mill

In the depth of the pandemic, 500 or so backers chipped in to make Makera’s Carvera Kickstarter campaign, a fully automatic desktop CNC machine, hit its goal. Since then, the company has sold an

CES 2024: Everything revealed so far, from Nvidia and Sony to the weirdest reveals and helpful AI

One of the year’s biggest tech events has kicked off in Las Vegas, and we’re here to bring all the reveals before the show floor opens.

A postcard from Las Vegas and CES

This week Devin, Kirsten and I have been running around in Las Vegas for CES to figure out what’s going on in the world of tech.

Coast Runner launching a $2,400 CNC mill soon

If CES is anything to go by, 2024 is shaping up to be a great year for makers and hobbyists. I loved taking a closer look at Rownd, but it was not even close to the only light-manufacturing company sh

CES, Circle-ing back to IPOs and why we’re over the moon about Overmoon

Welcome to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. This is our Friday show, our news roundtable, our gathering of the nerds!

Smart pepper spray startup 444 is back at CES with a major partnership deal

A year ago, at CES, I broke out the snark-hammer at 444, a startup that was trying to make a “smart” pepper spray device. I came across the same company again at CES this year. To my surpr

CES 2024: The biggest transportation news, from Honda’s EVs to Hyundai’s air taxi ambitions

CES has increasingly become defined by what automakers and other mobility-focused companies bring to Las Vegas, and CES 2024 has been no exception. Though some major CES automotive players from past y

The top Matter-compatible devices announced at CES 2024

For years, a coalition of companies, including Google, Amazon and Apple — the Connectivity Standards Alliance — has been trying to get Matter, the smart home networking protocol, off the g

From voice synthesis to fertility tracking, here are some actually helpful AI products at CES

“AI” was everywhere this year at CES; you couldn’t swing a badge without hitting some company claiming generative AI was going to revolutionize your sleep, teeth or business. But a f

MMGuardian enters a crowded kid-safe-phone market

If every dumb idea I ever had as a teenager was permanently captured on the internet, I’d be in for a rainbow of embarrassment. In today’s always-on and very socially networked world, kids

Hydrogen is back. At least, CES 2024 suggests it is.

Hydrogen vehicles never really caught on, and yet at CES 2024 fuel-cell vehicles of all sizes litter the show floor. What gives?
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