CES 2008

CES Leavings: The things they carried

I was planning on posting this last week but Hickey didn’t send back his list so I decided to add my own. Essentially, I thought it would be cool to see what the CG crew was carrying during CES,

Hitachi goes thin, Lindsay Lohan thin

At CES, Hitachi announced a PDP that’s only 1.5-inches in depth. No, you read that correctly. A 1080p plasma display that’s only 1.5-inches. While they won’t be out till Spring, you

CES's last echoes show me a nifty iPod vending machine

[photopress:ipods.jpg,full,center]Though things like this are common in Japan, you don’t see them much here in the States. I snapped this iPod vending machine in McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, a

Gaming section at CES sucked ween, PR reps didn't fare so well either

In case you were wondering why our gaming coverage was close to non-existent at CES other than a hands on with Nyko (they saved CES for us in terms of gaming) or the Wü is because it sucked. It was t

Iona Cube: Dead simple Internet radio for under $50

http://progressive.playstream.com/playstream/progressive/flashplayers/FLVPlayer.swf Conventional Internet radio hardware devices are about to get a kick in the expensive, cumbersome pants if Cambridge

'Starry Night' bed is great for everything but sleeping

  Sleep experts say that the bedroom should be devoid of distractions like bright lights, television sets, and four 8-inch subwoofers. The Starry Night bed has all of these things. So if you&#821

CES 2008: It's done and we're tired, thanks for tuning in!

CES 2008 is done, and while it was a blast, I’m glad it only happens once a year. My legs feel like Jell-O, my feet look like the pulled pork special I had last night, and I think my liver booke

CES 2008: Belkin gets it right

We get a lot of schwag at conferences like CES, some better than others. My favorites, though, came from Belkin, who’s understated schwag bag was brimming with simple Belkin-branded goodies, lik

CES 2008: Cooler Master's VW case is crunchy, should stay on the shelf

Cooler Master makes pretty decent computer cases, but I’m taking issue with this licensed VW bus case. It’s like this: If you mod your case to become a VW bus, then you’re a college

Saddest CES Meatball/Hush Puppy Name Award goes to…

After much deliberation, we have decided to award the best CES Meatball/Hush Puppy Name Award to young Eric for his entry “Danny’s Glans.” While simply saying “Danny Glans” w

Ummm… WTF


CES 2008 Exclusive: CrunchGear interviews Penn Jillette about Crackle.com, Mormons, and his choices in technology

Penn Jillette, the long-haired half of Penn & Teller, is a quiet, sincere, restrained man. He’s known for his controversial thoughts on all manner of things, from politics to religion to the

We're bloggin from the Blounge™

Doug doesn’t like me. Do you see John’s socks? [photopress:IMGP4491.JPG,thumb,pp_image] That’s Devin and Matt bloggin. [photopress:IMGP4496.JPG,thumb,pp_image] That’s me and Mi

CES 2008: Play It, Record It

For millions of years, people have been listening to music. But now, thanks to new technology, they can actually make music as well. At CES, I came across a few items that made my inner musician geek

Booth Beauties of CES

Sorry, but we had to do it. These were the classiest ladies at the show. Hit the link for our little gallery.

LG undouches itself in two short days: The LG Watch/Phone concept photographed

[photopress:watchphone__001.jpg,full,center] I’m all for companies protecting their intellectual property and I respect embargoes and NDAs. But when companies hide their precious, yelling at you

Sony's medium-sized OLED TV is gorgeous

Not a lot of info on this one, but you have to see it to believe it. The thing is about as thick as a laptop screen, and the picture is stunning. It’s sharp as hell and the contrast was excellen

New Parrot Bluetooth car stereo coming in March

Another entry in the no-CD-necessary line of car stereos will be showing up in stores this March. The Parrot RK8200 will blur the line between stereo and hands-free car kit, offering stereo Bluetooth

Moneual I*magine barely looks like a media center PC, has really nice external touch screen

I thought this was another oversized satellite radio home kit from afar. As I got closer, I figured it was some sort of retro bread crisper. Then when I got even closer, I could have sworn it was a bi

Hands on with Nyko's slew of gaming accessories

Front Man retails for $59.99 and it’s wireless. I trekked ass from the LVCC to the Hilton to check out Nyko’s line of gaming accessories for the Xbox 360, Wii and PS3. This is what I found
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