Hands on with Nyko's slew of gaming accessories

imgp4467.JPGFront Man retails for $59.99 and it’s wireless.

I trekked ass from the LVCC to the Hilton to check out Nyko’s line of gaming accessories for the Xbox 360, Wii and PS3. This is what I found.



The first SIX AXIS rumble controllers, Zero Wireless, to hit the market for the PS3. Where you at, Sony?!



Blu-wave IR remote is fun for the Harmony remote hackers. It retails for $20.


Classic Controller Grip retails for $15 and eliminates the dangling nunchuck and makes the classic controller somewhat bearable to use.


Pre-production model of the Guitar Hero 3 Wii axe. I was told the colors will be slightly different.


The Perfect Shot is only $15, but where’s my Duck Hunt?


Wireless Nunchuck rules.


$20 will get you a wireless Wiimote bar.


Charging station and batteries for Xbox 360 controllers.


Retails for $29.99.


Cooling station does not cause the RROD.


HD Link and guitar straps.