Gaming section at CES sucked ween, PR reps didn't fare so well either


In case you were wondering why our gaming coverage was close to non-existent at CES other than a hands on with Nyko (they saved CES for us in terms of gaming) or the is because it sucked. It was the worst display I’ve ever witnessed at any show. The fact that they called it the ‘Gaming Showcase’ is a joke. There was no showcase other then crappy gaming chairs, stupid case mods, accessories we’ve seen a thousand times over and doodads we just don’t care to see. I know GDC is next month, but there could have been a better showing.

There was however one particular item of interest. It was a 3D gaming mouse that seemed to do some pretty nifty things, but I can’t fill you in on any details. I was denied a press kit. I wasn’t being obnoxious or pushy in any way. I simply asked for a demo and a press kit because I thought it was cool. The rep asked who I was with and even said he’s been to the site on occasion. But they were ‘low on press kits’ and he couldn’t accommodate me. This was on Wednesday. A day before the show ended. Was I missing something? Did I smell bad? Was I being rude by asking for a press kit? Was there a blogger kit that I was unaware of? WTF?!

I’ll leave my comments to myself on this one because it’s not worth ranting about. For you, dear readers, I will link to the site so you can check it out. It’s not fair of me to deny you of that. However, not all PR reps are douches. Most of the ones I encounter are more than willing to get me press releases, interviews, units for review, etc., without ever rearing up their nose at me. This, sadly, was not the case. I don’t understand it and I don’t think I ever will.