CES Leavings: The things they carried

I was planning on posting this last week but Hickey didn’t send back his list so I decided to add my own. Essentially, I thought it would be cool to see what the CG crew was carrying during CES, offering a glimpse into the one-man-band that is a professional blogger these days. Take a look at our list and give us some recommendations for better/lighter/cooler gear to carry in the future.

ThinkPad X60 with WWAN
PowerBook G4
Canon Rebel XT
Kodak V1253 camera and USB cable
Sidekick LX

Sony Vaio VGN-SZ650N laptop and charger
Kodak V1253 camera and USB cable
Motorola Q (Sprint) and USB cable

Peter Ha:
Pentax K100D Super w/ kit lens (18-55mm)
Kingston card reader
Kingston 8GB SDHC
Samsung HMX10
Blackberry Curve
Helio Ocean
Solio charger
Western digital passport 250gb
Novatel/sprint u727
Monster outlet to go 3

Devin Coldewey:
Canon Rebel XT
50mm, 24-85mm, 70-200mm lenses
Helio Ocean
Samsung Trace
Treo 755p
2 USB keys
MacBook Pro + power brick + extender cable
Machiavelli’s The Prince

Matt Hickey:
Hitatchi Magic Wand
Dental Dams