• TAG Heuer (Re)Introduces Their Fancy Android Cellphone

    We’ve been hearing about the TAG Heuer LINK for a while now and it’s finally launching in July. It’s basically a very expensive, very corny Android smartphone with a few specific features including a crown for winding, presumably, the battery. It’s my opinion that if you’re rich enough to afford/silly enough to buy this phone you should probably just buy a nice… Read More

  • sWaP Rebel: A Watchphone Without A Cause

    Not content with your iPod Nano watch? How about a real watch with a phone in it! And a color 176 x 132 touchscreen! And maybe the usability of a small stone strapped to your wrist! This wacky thing has it all: a 4-band GSM phone, a video/still image camera, and 2GB of storage. These goofy phone watches have been around for years and this will probably be no better. However, it comes in… Read More

  • Quick Look: Kempler & Strauss W Phone Watch

    Do you dream of jet boots and ninjas from space? Sure, we all do. Well, the future just arrived in my mailbox, friends, and it’s the Kempler & Strauss W Phone Watch, an unlocked GSM phone inside a watch. Is it amazing, you ask? Does it come with a jet pack, you ask? The answers are “Yes” and “No.” The phone is about as big as a Garmin GPS watch and has a… Read More

  • Chinese man killed by exploding cellphone; a few helpful tips

    Make sure to say “I love you, honey” after hanging up on your wife today. You know why? Because if what happened to a man in China happens to you, you’ll be as dead as Colin Quinn’s career. The man was killed last week—I guess news trickles slowly out of China—when his cellphone exploded, breaking an artery in his neck. Ouch. Read More

  • Nokia 6208c phone features pen-based input

    Nokia, the world’s most ubiquitous cell phone company, is showing off the new 6208c phone in China, which sports a pen for easy input of Chinese characters. Read More

  • Nokia 6208c phone features pen-based input

    Nokia, the world’s most ubiquitous cell phone company, is showing off the new 6208c phone in China, which sports a pen for easy input of Chinese characters. Read More

  • India activates 4 cellphones per second

    India saw 9.9 million cellphone activations in September which is 3.9 activations per second. Pretty nuts, right? The market is 310 million right now with 27.5% penetration, meaning 3/4 of the country will still be heading to the local Tata store to pick up the latest models. GSM dominates the Indian market with 75.2% of the total. It recorded a monthly gain of 7.65m in September, its second… Read More

  • Going to England? To buy a cellphone? And are a terrorist? Bring a passport

    In an enlightened effort to prevent terrorism, you may soon need a passport to buy a cellphone in the UK. The Times is reporting that officials are thinking of creating a register of prepaid phone purchasers. The pay-as-you-go phones are popular with criminals and terrorists because their anonymity shields their activities from the authorities. But they are also used by thousands of… Read More

  • US lawmakers permaban cell phones in-flight

    US Lawmakers are sick of people sitting on airplanes, talking about all sorts of private matters while waiting for the plane to taxi. After a round of story-telling on conversations they’ve overheard in the past, the House of Representatives has voted to upgrade the FAA’s ban on in-flight cell phone usage to “Permanent” status. On one hand, I’ve felt their pain: a… Read More

  • Nokia Wants You to Xpress Yourself

    As part of the handset maker’s new Supernova line, Nokia announced four new phones that “feature a mix of bold colors and of-the-moment designs.” Aimed at the fashion conscious the Nokia 7610, 7510 and 7310 Supernova handsets include exchangeable ‘Xpress-On’ covers so your handset can match your mood or handbag. And the 7610 Supernova slider features… Read More

  • Samsung L870 S60 runs Safari? Nah, just Webkit

    The Samsung L870 has launched in Korea and it appears to be one of the first phones to use Webkit, the backbone of Safari and most open source web browsers. Since it uses Series 60 from Symbian, we can kind of-sort of accept that it uses the S60 port of WebKit but Safari it aint… or is it. PhoneArena has been back and forth with Samsung over this and they’re reporting that Samsung… Read More

  • Samsung: Hydrogen fuel cell phones as early as 2010?

    Fuel cell technology is creating a new but interesting technology, and in the near future hydrogen fuel cells might power everything. Samsung is confident cellphones will be one of the first things on the list to go hydrogen, and says that such cellphones might be in your hands in less than two years. In theory, you could add water to your phone and it would work for 10 hours of standby… Read More

  • Feast your eyes on the the world's lightest phone: Modu

    The Guinness Book of World Records has named the Modu mini phone “the lightest mobile phone in the world.” The phone, which we saw at MWC this year, weighs a mere 1.4 ounces and is .3 inches thick. Modu received a $100 million cash infusion last week. The phone, as you’ll remember, works as a standalone mobile device or fits into different “jackets” that… Read More

  • Latest Sprint cellphone rumor is a Rumor cellphone

    The Rumor is the latest “social networking” phone, or SNP*, to hit the market. It joins the Sidekick series from T-Mobile, the enV from Verizon, and the Ocean from Helio. These phones aren’t full-on smartphones; they tend to lack Office integration and installable apps, but they’re more than standard phones and feature enhanced connectivity, with browsing and email… Read More

  • Alcatel Unveils Cellphone On The Cheap

    Not every consumer is looking for the latest, greatest iphone out there. That’s why when carriers still give people basic options as far as hardware-selection goes, it’s always a win. I mean, who doesn’t like choice? Those on a budget and living across the pond should peep Alcatel’s new £15 cellphone, the OT-E201. It has a 65k color screen, dual-band GSM, and most… Read More

  • 68 iPhone Bugs That You Can Try at Home

    Who wants fully reproducible (à la the scientific method) iPhone bugs? Who wants 68 of them? The bugs range from the serious to the “it’s not a bug, it’s a feature!” None of them are deal breakers by any means, but it’s good to see people sniffing around the infallible iPhone looking for trouble. Besides, if Apple isn’t aware of the bugs, how can it… Read More

  • Sony-Ericsson Prototyped Leaked

    A new Sony-Ericsson model has appeared on a Polish auction site and the phone is looking quite handsome. The seller lists the phone as a “Sony X123i”, which sounds to us like a prototype model or a completely made up name. Apparently, the phone is set to be the successor to the W850 and we like what we see. Specs on this orangey-red slider include a 16.7 million color LCD, 3G… Read More

  • CrunchLunch: Chocolate Gadget Goodness

    We all love getting the latest, greatest electronic. I mean who doesn’t love unboxing a brand new Blackberry 8800 or HDTV? It’s almost as if the only way these objects could get any sweeter would be if you turned them into…chocolate! Yes, thanks to “Corporate Gift Showcase” and its lovely line of custom chocolate molds, you can now be eating a solid… Read More

  • Sony-Ericsson K850i in the Wild: 5-Megapixels of 3G Awesomeness

    What if I told you Sony-Ericsson was poised to drop a dope 5-Megapixel Cybershot cameraphone in the next few months? You’d be all, “No way!” and I’d be all, “Yes, way!” And I’d be right, so STFU. The forthcoming (and here leaked) K850i is more camera than phone, with a red-eye reducing flash and anti-shake features, both things that will make this… Read More

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