Sony-Ericsson K850i in the Wild: 5-Megapixels of 3G Awesomeness

What if I told you Sony-Ericsson was poised to drop a dope 5-Megapixel Cybershot cameraphone in the next few months? You’d be all, “No way!” and I’d be all, “Yes, way!” And I’d be right, so STFU.

The forthcoming (and here leaked) K850i is more camera than phone, with a red-eye reducing flash and anti-shake features, both things that will make this phone attractive to Britney. And since it’s set to hit at CEBIT, it’ll be available about the time she’s out of rehab. Zing!

That’s not to say the phone side is lacking, as triband GSM with UMTS 3G data are supported, as well as a secondary videochat camera. We’re not sure if we’ll see it over here in the States, but wed really like to see an AT&T logo on this thing at some point, and a clean and sober starlet. No, really.

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