Quick Look: Kempler & Strauss W Phone Watch

Do you dream of jet boots and ninjas from space? Sure, we all do. Well, the future just arrived in my mailbox, friends, and it’s the Kempler & Strauss W Phone Watch, an unlocked GSM phone inside a watch. Is it amazing, you ask? Does it come with a jet pack, you ask? The answers are “Yes” and “No.”

The phone is about as big as a Garmin GPS watch and has a touchscreen and small camera. I’m going to wear this thing for a few days and report back on how it feels to wear the entire world on your wrist but this far it seems to work fine. The screen is amazingly hard to type on without a little stylus, but it’s fun to try. Interestingly, you can even make and take calls without a headset.

How much does it cost? $199, friends, and it’s available for pre-order now. While it will never replace the standard phone, it’s nice to be able to tell people to talk to the hand. Or talk to the wrist. Or whatever.

Also, doesn’t this remind you of this thing?