Latest Sprint cellphone rumor is a Rumor cellphone

The Rumor is the latest “social networking” phone, or SNP*, to hit the market. It joins the Sidekick series from T-Mobile, the enV from Verizon, and the Ocean from Helio. These phones aren’t full-on smartphones; they tend to lack Office integration and installable apps, but they’re more than standard phones and feature enhanced connectivity, with browsing and email features.

Like other phones in this emerging class, Sprint’s newest entry includes built-in instant messaging clients (AIM, Y!, MSN), integrated GPS, and a decent 1.3-Megapixel camera.

We particularly like the single-screen slide-out design. We’ve seen it before, but usually not in as-svelte a package. And the price is small, as well at around $80 with contract. Look for it to hit Sprint’s Website later this month, and retail outlets in time for Black Friday.

* Yes, I just made that up.