Sony-Ericsson Prototyped Leaked

A new Sony-Ericsson model has appeared on a Polish auction site and the phone is looking quite handsome. The seller lists the phone as a “Sony X123i”, which sounds to us like a prototype model or a completely made up name. Apparently, the phone is set to be the successor to the W850 and we like what we see. Specs on this orangey-red slider include a 16.7 million color LCD, 3G, 2-megapixel main camera with a VGA front-facing camera for video-conferencing, and a half-inch thick design.

No word yet on any official details related to the phone, but demand for it seems to be pretty high. The current bid is around $711 right now and is expected to rise. Our resident Pole, John, read the entire page and saw nothing fishy — they’re selling the actual thing, not a picture, for example — but you’d have to haul ass to Lodz to pick it up. Smacznego!

Sony Ericsson prototype leaked on Polish auction site [BGR]