NFL games come to CBS’s streaming service, starting this Sunday

CBS this week announced a significant deal with the NFL that could bring more subscribers to its over-the-top streaming service aimed at cord cutters, CBS All Access. Starting this Sunday, viewers w

CBSN brings 360-degree videos to connected TVs

CBS is bringing 360 degree videos to the big screen. The company today announced the launch of new apps for the Android TV and Amazon Fire TV which will add the new, more immersive video format to CBS

CBS is turning “Candy Crush” into a game show

In what’s surely one of the early signs of the end times, Candy Crush is soon to be a live action game show over on CBS. Yes, the mobile game. A TV show. With contestants. And prizes. And some g

CBS’s streaming service debuts a $10 per month ad-free tier

CBS’s streaming TV service for cord cutters, CBS All Access – and soon to be home to the new “Star Trek” series – is today rolling out the option of a commercial-free su

Twitter partners with CBS News to live stream convention coverage

Twitter is expanding upon its live-streaming plans yet again. This morning, Twitter and CBS News announced a new partnership that will see the social media service offering a live stream of the news n

CBS All Access Broke Streaming Records During The Grammys, But Service Crashed Under The Load

CBS claims to have broken several records with regard to its online streaming service CBS All Access, during Sunday night’s broadcast of the 58th Annual Grammy Awards. Specifically, the network

CBS Says Super Bowl 50 Broke Streaming Records With 3.96 Million Unique Viewers

CBS reported earlier this morning that its live stream of Super Bowl 50 broke all prior streaming records for the big game. Now the network has released numbers to back up that claim: according to an

How To Stream Super Bowl 50 This Sunday

So you decided to finally ditch your cable package this year. Great! But now the Super Bowl is rolling around and you’re wondering how you’re going to watch Cam Newton dab all afternoon?

CBS Will Launch A New “Star Trek” TV Series On Its Streaming Service, Not Network TV

CBS's own over-the-top streaming service aimed at cord cutters has largely flown under the radar in comparison with more popular competitors like Netflix and Hulu. But now the network is hoping to cha

CBS To Live Stream Select Regular Season NFL Games, Including For The First Time, The Thanksgiving Day Game

Catering to a TV-viewing audience that increasingly watches on a variety of connected devices, including mobile phones and tablets, CBS has announced plans to live-stream coverage of two regular-seas

Cablevision Becomes First Pay TV Provider To Distribute CBS And Showtime Over-The-Top To Broadband Customers

Following a similar move which saw it becoming the first internet service provider to distribute HBO NOW to its broadband customers, New York-area cable TV company Cablevision announced this morning

Moonves Says CBS Still In Negotiations With Apple Over TV Service

Leslie Moonves, the CEO of CBS, talked about its negotiations with Apple over its rumored upcoming TV service today at Code Conference. "Apple TV is trying to change the universe a bit...I think the a

CBS’s Video Streaming Service Now Offers Live TV In Over 60% Of The U.S.

CBS’s on-demand video streaming service will now offer local, live TV feeds which cover over 60% of the U.S., the company announced this morning. CBS All Access, the network’s over-the-top

CEO Leslie Moonves Explains CBS’ Streaming Strategy: “I Don’t Care Where You Watch Our Shows”

New technology may be the focus of the Consumer Electronics Show, but CBS President and CEO Leslie Moonves argued on-stage today that tech may not be changing his business as much as you might think.

Is It The Beginning Of The End For Cable Or Just A New Beginning?

In mid-October of this year, HBO dropped a bombshell -- albeit a long-rumored one -- with the news that it would launch a standalone streaming service sometime in 2015. The media and Game of Thrones f

CBS Will Live Stream The AFC’s Playoff Games

Today CBS announced that it will live stream its coverage of the American Football Conference’s playoffs online. If you are a football fan without a television, this is good news. According to

Hands On With The Seven Best Fantasy Football Sites And Apps

With the NFL season just a week away, fans are poring over stats, trash talking their friends, and gearing up for the real season: fantasy football. Here are the coolest and most useful places to play

TV Expert: Time Warner Cable-CBS Blackout To Result In ‘Best Of All Possible Worlds’ For Cable Subscribers

Subscribers to Time Warner Cable might not be able to watch CBS shows over the next few weeks, as a result of the latest contract fallout between a network and a pay TV operator. But at least one expe

Responding To Threats, Aereo Asks Court To Block “Do-Over” Suits In New Districts Ahead Of Boston Launch

Today marks the latest step in Aereo's <a href="">legal battle</a> with major broadcast networks like Fox, ABC, CBS, and NBC, with the live TV

Amazon & CBS Announce Deal To Bring Stephen King Series “Under The Dome” To Prime Instant Video, Four Days After Episodes Air

Continuing its rapid-fire addition of new content deals, Amazon <a target="_blank" href="">announ
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