Otterbox rugged case for Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC

Otterbox of Fort Collins, Colorado now has tough-as-nails cases for the Samsung Q1 Ultra line of UMPCs. It costs $80 and comes in your choice of yellow or black. What’s nice about the case is th

Griffin responds on the ClearBoost case

Last week I tested — and lambasted — the Griffin ClearBoost case as the offspring of those “cell booster” stickers of yore. This touched a nerve at Griffin HQ and will encourag

Review: Griffin ClearBoost iPhone Case

I am more than willing to suspend my disbelief in all manner of situations. I, for example, still believe that my family and wife love me and that the world is not colluding to to kill me. I believe t

Review: Otterbox Armor Series iPod Touch case

The Otterbox Armor Series iPod Touch case is waterproof, dustproof, dirtproof, sandproof, and drop-proof while at the same time allowing access to most of the Touch’s functions. While the extra

Cool PC cases of many lands

[photopress:scaled.IMG_1449.JPG,full,pp_image] I think my Hot Pockets are ready Most of us here are MacTards but I still have a soft spot in my heart for the many cool cases I’ll never be able t

InterOffice takes up where the AirMail left off

When the Air first dropped, a few designers got together to make the AirMail. We called it pretentious. What, then, do you think we’ll call the InterOffice? {democracy:25}

Wrap your iPhone in crystal

PowerSupport just launched a “crystal” (actually plastic) iPhone case that protects your precious and offers a unique little stand to keep her comfortably upright during long flights. The

A manila sleeve for the MacBook Air

Pretentious? Have $29.95 lying about? You’re in luck! Product Page

Case manufacturers and potential new MacBooks: Canaries in coalmines?

Every few Keynotes we get emails from case manufacturers encouraging us to keep an eye open for new case designs. For example, one designer told us today that they would be ready to ship on Friday &#8

Atlantic cases for your MB/P, iPod

Atlantic, purveyors of cases for everything, have announced a couple items for MacBooks and iPods. The MacBook/Pro line get the 4mm thick neoprene Raindrop sleeve that features a hidden zipper, seamle

Gilty Couture iPod cases: When an iPod isn't enough of a gift

Getting someone an iPod for Xmas is, in itself, old and tired. I mean, the iPods been around since before Lohan could legally drink, so if you do decide to give one this year, shouldn’t you blin

CrunchDeals: Pure, unbridled intimidation for under $7

Sick of people not taking you seriously at Wii brawls? Show ’em you mean business with your very own aluminum carrying case for your Wii-mote and Nunchuck. It’s stylish AND functional, acc

Wrist-mounted Shuffle Case Cooler Than You'd Think

We know clever when we see it, and this wristwatch strap for the iPod Shuffle is just that. Not only is your unused wrist a great place to keep your little friend, but the unabashed Swatch-ness of the

Targus Radius Line

MacBook sales have been skyrocketing since they launched, so it’s no wonder the accessory market for the little Apple is so vast and chock-full of crap that you could be blowing your cash on som

Moo Card Carrying Cases

Say that three times fast! If you use Flickr, you’re probably familiar with Moo and the cute little biz cards they print up with your photos. Problem is, these cards are differently shaped than

WaterField Launches Trio Of iPhone Cases

WaterField, purveyor of gadget protection, has released a trio of iPhone cases to fulfill any and all protection needs. The Smart Case comes in three varieties to accommodate hipsters, so they can Sli

XtremeMac's New iPhone Cases Are, In Fact, Cases

Owners of the iPhone will inevitably want to keep their prized possession looking as fresh and new as the day they bought it, but we all have different tastes so XtremeMac has released the Onyx, Sport

Louis Vuitton iPhone Cases

You don’t need to be wealthy to own an iPhone but to be able to spend money on a case that costs nearly twice as much as the phone itself means you’re living the life of luxury. These Loui

Review: DLO's Dope iPhone Cases

For those not familiar with the great DLO, look at your iPod. If it’s got a case or a dock, chances are good that DLO made it. The company has more different types of iPod accessories than Apple

Pacific Rim Already Has iPhone Cases for You to Fawn Over

Hoo boy, only 11 days until the iPhone’s launch. If you somehow snag an iPhone on launch day, you’ll probably want some sort protective case in order to protect your hot new toy. (‘C
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