These Wild iPhone Cases Are A DIYer’s Dream

With the advent of cheap 3D printing, I was wondering when someone would jump into the completely custom iPhone case market. Netherlands-based Polychemy has just released iPhone and Blackberry cases in five unique styles complete with 3D customizations.

The cases cost $40 and you can have your name or #YOLO printed on the back. Your choice. They come in four colors.

The company is actually a bulk 3D printing provider and can produce objects in ceramic, metal, gold, and plastic. These cases are more of a side project and are printed on-demand when you order. They come in multiple styles including a wonky fingerprint design and a fun maze.

Polychemy is fairly new to the case market but it will be very interesting to see where services like this are headed. Plenty of people have access to 3D printers and with the rise of sites like Etsy it should be easy to make and sell extremely customized objects quickly and cheaply over the next few years. This is, as they say, only the beginning.

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