Shenzhen Manufacturer Coconut Workshop Gives Back To The Earth With Cases For A Cause

Long-time Shenzhen-based electronics manufacturer Ben Dolgin-Gardner took a look around at what he was building and decided to make a bit of a difference. His idea, Coconut Cases, isn’t particularly unique – (RED) did it before him – but he’s in the right place at the right time to pull it off.

They have just launched an Indiegogo project to raise the first $50,000 for their project.

The idea is simple: every few months, the company will release a new iPhone case with a design from a cool, young designer. Because they are close to the action in Asia, they can make things quickly and turn around designs in a flash. You, the consumer, can pick up a new case every few months (or years) and a portion of the proceeds goes to a good cause.

The Coconut team includes two designers, Malcolm Russell and Steve Murray, and Dolgin-Gardner is the brains behind the manufacturing.

“I wanted to apply my energy to creating a brand which other people want to see succeed as much as I do. Coconut does this because it benefits new designers and worthy causes which people are happy to support,” said Dolgin-Gardner.

Making these things vs. churning out MP3 players makes Dolgin-Gardner feel better about his work. “Coconut is sold based on the quality of designs and virtue of what the brand does and stands for,” he said.

The company is making cases for multiple phones and is featuring designs from Dubai, Australia, and the United States. In short, they’re making the dirty business of hardware a little cleaner. Cases are about $30 each and come in multiple styles for iPhones and Samsung devices.