• Element Cases releases Vapor

    When I release vapor, people clear the room. When Element Cases does it, heads turn every which way. This new iPhone 4 case by Element Case is a 30 gram aluminium frame lined with shock absorbant rubber. It looks absolutely gorgeous and will begin shipping on July 11. Bad part? It costs $79.95 for the basic model and $99.95 for the carbon fiber back plate. But trust me – these cases… Read More

  • The Guardian case from M-Edge is a life jacket for the Kindle

    Whenever I head to the community pool, I usually take a book to read. It works well to hide my wondering eyes, but also gives me something to look at when I would otherwise be ‘distracted’. Recently I have seen a few Kindles floating around at the pool, great idea, but I couldn’t see taking that expensive device any further than my front porch. Read More

  • NZXT's Vulcan is probably the sweetest Micro-ATX case out there

    I’ve never succumbed to the Micro-ATX temptation, but I can see the draw. Not everyone has room for a full tower under their desk, and not everyone even wants the kind of hardware you generally fill a full tower with. If your graphics card is under a foot long, and your CPU doesn’t need an 8-inch tall cooling apparatus, you might find Micro-ATX to your liking. And with this new… Read More

  • Two awesome Gundam PC cases

    We all know Japan is Gundam country (I’ll go cover the newly opened Gundam Cafe in Tokyo next week) and that Akihabara is heaven for PC geeks and modders. So what can you expect when you combine both things? Not one but two cool Gundam PC cases. Read More

  • IBuyPower to be the only integrator to sell the Thermaltake Level 10 case

    We told you about the Thermaltake Level 10 back in September — you remember it, the exceedingly cool-looking case designed by BMWGroup Designwork. It’s a little later then expected, but it’s here, and IBuyPower is going to be the only custom PC configurator to have it for a while. Read More

  • Mouse pad enthusiasts, this is your bag

    Hey guys. Hanging out on a pile of rocks with your laptop bags, huh? Can I join you? No? Why, because I don’t have my own laptop bag? Ah, I see. Laptop Bag Owners Club members only, eh? Tough but fair. If I buy one of those bags can I join you? No? Ah, I see. The Laptop Bag Owners Club is also known as the No Dougs Club, too. Gotcha. What if I change my first na—just no? No, in… Read More

  • Another case with a hole in it points to iPods with cameras

    Them Engadget boys went for a walk in the outer reaches of IFA and came up with the some iPod cases with holes in the back for a camera. As I’ve said before I have no idea what is going here. Apple’s non-disclosure language probably explicitly prohibits these from existing and, more importantly, these companies will probably never get Made for iPod certification after… Read More

  • Review: Speck GPS Flyer travel case

    The 9.25- by 4- by 7-inch Speck GPS Flyer is a small-ish travel case meant for storing and displaying most standard-sized GPS systems thanks to a thoughtful pop-up outer compartment with a built-in protective device holder. The inside of the bag features more than enough room for accessories, cables, manuals, and mounting apparatuses. And with an MSRP of $40 and a street price of around $30… Read More

  • Thermaltake, BMW ‘Level 10’ PC case looks like a trendy apartment complex

    Thermaltake and BMW have teamed up to create the “Level 10” PC case, which is on display at the CeBIT conference in Hanover, Germany this week. The case definitely looks interesting, with all the components outside the case yet inside their own compartments. It kind of looks like one of those apartment complexes in a warm climate where the elevators are indoors but the hallways… Read More

  • Jauntify your Kindle 2 with jaunty jackets

    Mmm… bright candy colors. M-Edge is cashing in on the Kindle Kraze(TM) with their new Executive Jackets for Kindle 2. These sassy, multi-hued jackets have a built-in booklight and start at a mere $29.99. Don’t have hands? Try the Platform Jacket that keeps your Kindle 2 upright while in its sexy protective case. It also starts at $29.99. Read More