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Venture investors shrug at proposed changes to US carried interest taxation

Will a change to the U.S. carried interest loophole have a material impact on how capital is invested into startups?

Crypto trading volume drops in India as additional taxes hit investors

India on July 1 implemented a 1% tax on cryptocurrency trades over 10,000 Indian rupees, or about $127. There’s already been a chilling effect on Indian digital asset marketplaces.

IRS FUD: What you need to know about crypto taxes

The cost of failing to report — or incorrect reporting of — proceeds from crypto-related activities could be extremely high if the IRS gets you in its crosshairs.

With a Section 1045 rollover, founders can salvage QSBS before 5 years

Section 1045 allows a founder or stockholder whose company has been sold before the five-year holding period to defer the capital gain by rolling the sale proceeds into a replacement QSBS.

Biden’s QSBS tax plan would have unintended consequences for startups

Buried in Biden’s 2021 tax plan are new amendments to the U.S. Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS) program, which, if passed, will impact early-stage startup employees, founders and investors.

You can’t afford to make poor decisions about incentive stock options

When the time is right, employees should actively look for help from a qualified fiduciary financial adviser who can walk these could-be "options millionaires" through various cash-in scenarios.

Advanced tax strategies for startup founders

Here are some advanced equity planning strategies that you can implement at different stages of your company life cycle to reduce tax and optimize wealth for you and your family.