Yahoo Is Ordered To Start Using Microsoft Search In Hong Kong And Taiwan

Signed in 2010, Microsoft and Yahoo's <a target="_blank" href="">ten-year Search Alliance</a> was supposed to lift Google's stronghold on search advertising. Bu

Klout Deepens Its Bing Integration By Placing ‘Snapshots’ Alongside Your Search Results

Well, here's another reason to care about your Klout score (and, y'know, actually create an account on Klout) — the company, which aims to measure social media influence, is announcing a prominent n

Disconnect Search, Built By Ex-Google And Ex-NSA Engineers, Lets You Use Google, Bing And Yahoo Without Tracking

Started as a side project by then-Googler Brian Kennish <a href="">back in 2010</a> to cut out ad tracking during a person's Facebook b

Bing Adds Pinterest Collections To Image Search

Bing <a target="_blank" href="">announced today</a> that it has integrated Pinterest data into i

Microsoft Updates Bing On iOS, Highlights Siri Integration

With the release of iOS 7 to the general public, Bing now has a <a href="">prominent home</a> inside of Apple's chi

Bing Reveals Its Redesign And Latest Improvements

Microsoft has <a target="_blank" href="">redesigned Bing's logo and user interface</a> as it seeks to position the search e

Bing Improves Its Video Search With High-Res Pop-Out Previews, Improved Filters And Navigation

Microsoft's <a target="_blank" href="">Bing</a> today <a target="_blank" href="

Microsoft’s SkyDrive Adds Bing-Powered OCR Features

At its Build conference earlier this year, Microsoft launched its developer services for Bing, including the Bing <a target="_blank" href="">Optical Character Recognit

Microsoft’s New Scroogled Ad Sets Fresh Low For Bad Writing, Boring Argument

The annals of bad Microsoft advertising have a new member today -- a short clip that attempts to paint Google as evil because its services contain advertising. This is contrasted with <a target="_blan

Bing For Schools Launches, Ditching Ads And Rewarding Searches With Surface RT Tablets For Schools

Microsoft previewed its Bing for Schools initiative back in June, an opt-in program for educational institutions that allows schools to sign up to offer a version of Bing to their students that drops

Microsoft Brings Bing’s Finance, News, Sports, Weather Apps To Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 continue to move closer together today, as the Bing team brings a set of its applications to the smartphone platform. Today Microsoft announced that Bing’s Finance,

Bing’s Autosuggest Gets Smarter, Now Includes Brands, Movies, Animals And More

Microsoft's Bing today <a target="_blank" href="">announced</a> an update to its autosuggest feature that

Bing As A Platform Will Allow Microsoft To Compete With Google For Developer Cred

Microsoft knows how to build platforms, so when it announces a new one, it’s worth taking a closer look. Until last week, Microsoft mostly wanted you to think of Bing as a search engine that cou

Microsoft Brings Its Bing Ads To Windows 8.1 Smart Search

One of the highlights of <a href="">Windows 8.1</a> i

Microsoft Opens Up Bing As A Platform For Developers

At its Build developer conference today, Microsoft announced that it is opening up quite a bit of Bing‘s advanced functionality to developers. As Microsoft corporate VP Gurdeep Singh Pall noted,

Bing For Schools Will Strip Out All Ads, Beef Up Privacy Protections And Adult Content Filtering

Bing is taking a step to hep make its products more appealing for school-age children, with Bing For Schools, an opt-in program targeting K-12 institutions launching later this year. The program is co

New Bing Experiment Adds Curated Lists Of Links, Images And Videos From Experts To Search Results

Microsoft today announced a new experiment for its Bing search engine that’s a bit different from the usual social search and algorithm updates we’ve come to expect from the service. Bing

Microsoft Improves Windows Phone Voice Recognition: 2X Faster, 15% More Accurate

Google may have <a href="">acquired</a> Geoffrey Hinton's DNNresear

Apple Slips Default Bing Integration Into iOS 7

In an odd, throwaway line, Apple's Eddy Cue mentioned that Siri, the voice control app for iOS 7, will let you search directly in "Bing." In fact, the absence of Google was quite noticeable, reduced t

Microsoft Launches Bing Translator App For Windows With Augmented Reality Translations, Support For 40 Languages

Microsoft today launched its Bing Translator app for Windows (including Windows RT). We don't usually write all that much about Windows apps and translation apps aren't exactly new, either, but it's n
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