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ProductWind raises $1.67M to connect your brand with hundreds of influencers

Brands wanting to get into influencer marketing can use ProductWind's platform to set up campaigns with hundreds of influencers.

Sneaker enthusiast group SoleSavy raises $2M, setting the stage for a community-driven commerce boom

SoleSavy, a community built around buying hot sneakers and related items that are increasingly hard to acquire at retail, raised $2 million in a round that closed late last year. SoleSavy is a group o

Venture investors and startup execs say they don’t need Elizabeth Warren to defend them from big tech

Responding to Elizabeth Warren’s call to regulate and break up some of the nation’s largest technology companies, the venture capitalists that invest in technology companies are advising t

Ben Narasin Joins Canvas Venture Fund as Its Fifth GP

Ben Narasin was, until recently, president of TriplePoint Ventures, the seed equity practice of TriplePoint Capital. As of this morning, he’s instead the fifth general partner with Canvas Ventur

The Importance Of Founders

In a prior era, some considered it best practice to bring in "professional managers" to run the businesses started by creative and hard-working entrepreneurs once those business began to scale and app

No Need For Alarm Over Private Company Valuations

With 137% returns in an approximately two year period, there’s logic in mutual funds continuing to throw big dollars into strong IPO candidates, thus significantly inflating valuations. With this en