Hopsy debuts a countertop beer tap designed by the makers of Nespresso

Bay Area-based (where else?) craft beer delivery service Hopsy has employed KRUPS, the German appliance maker behind the Nespresso, to create a countertop beer tap device for the home. The company has already made a few beer-centric devices, most notably the Beertender, designed to work Heineken kegs.

Hopsy’s HomeTap utilizes two-liter beer bottles that plug into the appliance, serving them up draught-style and keeping them fresh for up to a fortnight – though if you’re the sort who subscribes to a craft beer delivery service, odds are pretty good you’ll polish off the eight glasses worth of beer a lot faster than two weeks.

The HomeTap service is currently limited to residents of San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and Alameda. Bottles will be available to all of the beers and breweries currently offered up as growlers through the service. Users can pick up the device as a standalone for $150 (at around $20 a bottle) or rent it as part of the HomeTap Beer Club service starting at $60 a month.

Deliveries start July 28th.