• CrunchGear's Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Gifts For Guys

    Your guy is great, am I right? He’s fun, he makes you laugh, and he can, in a pinch, be counted on to do laundry. He even, occasionally, shaves! Why not reward this positive behavior the way Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer, rewards an unruly dog: through forceful direction and, when the time is right, kind words and a treat. Here are a few great items for your geeky SO this… Read More

  • Beer Hour: Takara Tomy's Beer Can Dispenser

    I am not really sure if beer lovers really need this kind of gadget, but Takara Tomy is ready to sell it (in Japan only – at least initially). The company has showcased the so-called “Beer Hour” in Tokyo today, a small device that’s supposed to make it easier to pour beer from cans into glasses. Read More

  • The Bike-Mounted Leather Can Cage

    In honor of the excellent new program, Portlandia, I present to you this special, sustainable, Vegan-grown, humane leather bike-mounted can cage, a mere $45 from Etsy. Read More

  • Beer Gardens NYC iOS App Helps NYers Find Beer Gardens In Time For Oktoberfest Fun

    It’s October 1, which means that you’re average American think Oktoberfest has started. Not true: Munich’s Oktoberfest begins in mid to late September and lasts through October. A minor technicality if all you’re looking to do is celebrate the holiday best known for, well, bier and busen. In any event, there’s a handy iOS App that was just released that can help… Read More

  • Beerby: Find Beers Near You

    Ah, beer. You’re my solace and my comfort in these trying times and I love you. But how do I find you, especially the odd and unique members of your extended family? Thankfully, there now exists BeerBy. Read More

  • Brewing TV: When homebrewers attack the web Brewing TV – Episode 1.1 from Brewing TV on Vimeo. If you’ve ever made your own booze you probably know about Northern Brewer, one of the best online brew supply stores. Well, those folks just started Brewing TV… Read More

  • Bottle opener wears like a ring, punches like brass knuckles

    While cool, I dunno that I’d recommend wearing this very often. Particularly around law enforcement, since the bottle opener ring could definitely be mistaken for brass knuckles. Read More

  • Munich adds beer to high-tech Lufthansa lounge

    What goes great with eighteen integrated computer workstations and lots of room to spread out when waiting for a flight? How about beer? Read More

  • Science continues to improve our lives with new unbreakable pint glass

    As a homebrewing enthusiast, I’m constantly trying to improve my process and my equipment. I’m busy making a DIY bottle tree to dry my bottles right now. The British, quite probably the world’s best drinkers, have been hard at work improving the vessel of beer delivery, the pint glass. Two new shatter-proof glasses have been unveiled by the British Home Office, designed… Read More

  • Bark4Beer: Dog collar with bottle opener

    If you have a dog and you’ve thrown a party, you know that dogs generally add a bit of fun to the mix at the beginning of the party but by the end, they’ve mostly eaten food off the coffee table, scared the bejesus out of the three guests who have an irrational fear of dogs, and had a few “accidents” in high-traffic areas like hallways and doorways. Read More

  • Behold, the ultimate keg/arcade machine mashup

    Meet the arkeg. The ultimate combination of a MAME console, and a kegerator. Those lucky bast blokes at Wired managed to get they hands on one to review. It’s got some good and bad points, but you have to admit it’s cool no matter what. Read More

  • Kodomo No Nomimono: Beer for kids

    After a long, hard day of… playing with toys, watching cartoons, and napping, nothing spells refreshment like a frosty glass of Kodomo No Nomimono – a phrase which I can only assume means something close to “beer for kids” in Japanese. Read More

  • Wearable beer dispenser solves multiple problems at once

    If you ask me (and nobody asked me) the standard 12-ounce beer size is long overdue for an upgrade. We, as Americans, like things larger than life and there’s no reason we should still be drinking a single beer in under a minute. Until all beer manufacturers start shipping suds in 32-ounce (or larger) cans, we’ll have to make due with an apparatus such as this: the Portable Tap… Read More

  • Chrome and PBR link up for Limited Edition Citizen PBR messenger bag

    What happens when you mix one of the best ‘budget’ beers with the best messenger bag company in the biz? The best messenger bag of all time! That’s right, friends, Chrome is giving away one (or maybe more than one, I don’t know) LE Citizen PBR bag. How do you win? I’m glad you asked because it’s the easiest contest I’ve ever come across. Sign up… Read More

  • Automated beer brewing courtesy of Arduino

    Brewing your own beer by hand is soooo 1992. You can now automate most of the process using an Arduino controller and some source code over at Read More

  • Beer in a Pouch: Sure, why the hell not?

    Okay, this is definitely a new one. The “BeerPaQ CarboPouch for Draft Beers” is pretty much exactly like it sounds, although you could drop “BeerPaQ” and “Carbo” to achieve the same effect: it’s beer, but in a pouch. But why? Read More

  • Prepare for outdoor drinking season with Beer Blaster, holster, and belt

    The Beer Blaster isn’t NEW new, per se, but keep it on your radar as we prepare to enter the first days of outdoor drinking season – spring, summer, and fall. The kit consists of a gun that allows you to shotgun a beer to someone else, if that makes sense, and you’d be remiss to wander about your neighborhood barbecues without the additional holster and ammo belt. Read More

  • Beer fuels you, left over beer fuels your car

    Beer, the third most popular beverage in the world after water and tea, just gained another reason for our support. Sierra Nevada Brewing, makers of fine beverages, recently purchased an EFuel 100 MicroFueler, which produces ethanol from water, sugar, and yeast. Guess what one of the major byproducts of beer fermentation is? Yup, yeast! The excess yeast left over from brewing will soon find… Read More

  • Remote Control Beer Pager

    Okay. We have all lost a beer. It happens. You set it down for a moment, only to lose it seconds later. It’s frustrating early in the night, but infuriating around 2:00AM. Enter the Remote Control Beer Pager. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Free shipping at Mr. Beer

    I love me some Mr.Beer and if you get a chance, pop over before November 26 for free shipping on all orders. I’ve made Mr. Beer beer yearly for the holidays and the kits are easy to use and the beer tastes great. If you order now you can literally have homemade beer in time for Christmas. Read More