• Beatles now on American Idol, iTunes-bound soon?

    [photopress:btunesart.jpg,full,center] Beatles songs will now be on American Idol, which is now on iTunes. Clearly the natural line of progression is to proclaim that the Beatles catalogue is one step closer to iTunes, right? I’d say that’s a leap of faith I’m not willing to take just yet. If word can leak about Prince Harry being in Afghanistan, then word should be able to… Read More

  • Great moments in trademark trolling

    With Nuvio suing Garmin’s Nuviphone on fairly spurious grounds, let’s take a look at famous trademark wars of times past. Apple v. Apple — Say you want a revolution? How about a mouthful of lawsuit! In 1978, Apple Corp (owned by the Beatles) filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against the nascent Apple Computer. They settled the suit in 1981 for $80,000 (!!) as long as… Read More

  • NASA beaming the Beatles into outer space

    To mark the 50th anniversary of NASA’s founding and, they’re going to be beaming “Across the Universe,” well, across the universe. They’re using their Deep Space Network to aim the song directly at the North Star, or Polaris to you land-lubbers. They felt it necessary to mention that the song will be travelling at 186,000 miles per second, as if that’s… Read More

  • Paul McCartney 'pretty sure' Beatles on iTunes in 2008

    I won’t be as brazen as the AFP to report that Paul McCartney saying "I’m pretty sure it’ll be happening next year" (in regards to Beatles songs being put on iTunes) to mean that Beatles songs WILL be on iTunes in 2008. Paul McCartney says a lot of things and, when all is said and done, he, like most musicians, has very little control over what happens to his music. Read More

  • Beatles on iTunes: Finally

    Let me start this off by stating a fact that somehow manages to shock people. That fact is this: I do not like the Beatles. I don’t get what the attraction is. If you’re over 45, then you were there when they were making history by making music, I get that. But for kids my age who were barely watching TV when Lennon was shot, I don’t understand. Many people have built on what… Read More

  • Yellow Submarine iPod Coming Soon, Complete With Beatles Catalog

    I dig the Beatles. I really do. When I was in grade school my dad’s vinyl collection was just about the coolest thing ever and he had the Stones and some Hugh Masakela and quite a few Beatles albums. Good times. Good times. So now that we’re fairly certain that a Yellow Submarine version of the iPod is coming out complete with the entire Beatles back catalog, I have to ask… Read More

  • Beatles Potentially Might Just Want To Hold Your iPod

    The Beatles It seems Sir Paul may have finally decided to let the Beatles become the DigiBeatles. His current album, “Memory Almost Full,” will appear digitally when it is released by Starbucks’ Hear Music label on June 5. It will also appear on iTunes along with the rest of the Beatles’ extensive catalog. I’m not quite sure what all the fuss is about, though. I… Read More

  • Beatles Catalog Not iTunes Exclusive

    Poor Jobs. He must be so distraught now that his precious iTunes Music Store isn’t getting exclusive rights to the Beatles’ catalog, that he needs a little help from my friends. Apple Corps head Neil Aspinall says that iTunes will be getting plenty of Beatles tracks, but so will other online music retailers. This means you’ll be able to go on a magical mystery tour of… Read More

  • Apples Settle Beatles Trademark Dispute

    <img src=" Apple Inc., makers of the ubiquitous iPod, and Apple Corps, guardians of Beatles' material, today settled their longstanding trademark feud. The companies have been embroiled in litigation over rights to the name for roughly 20 years. While there was no official announcement of Beatles availability on iTunes… Read More

  • Beatles Still Coming to iTunes

    I wrote about the Beatles’ potential jaunt into iTunes. Yea the same one were I slighted the Pogue for his Zune-slander. According to Macworld, the Beatles on iTunes is close to fruition. The rumor is compounded by the fact that Steve Jobs chose to play a Beatles track during his iPhone announcement. Macworld speculates that the Beatles could appear on the Online music store by Feb. 14. Read More

  • Beatles Coming to iTunes?

    After years of deliberation and resistance from Beatles management, it appears that a deal may soon be struck to bring Beatles music to digital formats for MP3 player consumption. Oddly, speculation currently indicates that the Beatles might first be released exclusively on iTunes. No word as to when, but David Munns. the head of EMI, has said it will be “soon.” Users can… Read More