Not To Start Up Those Beatles/iTunes Rumors Again, But…

This is awfully interesting. It’s not perfect, obviously, but if you were to tilt George and John to the side a bit, it’d be close.

The Beatles/iTunes rumors are seemingly as old as time itself (well, iTunes times, at least). Every year we have a rumor that it’s happening. And every year we have disappointment. This could well be the same story, but what a strange coincidence.

I’m not believing anything until I see Paul and Ringo (incidentally, the two in perfect position) in my browser (or iTunes) tomorrow being streamed live.

Like everyone else, we’ll be tuning in tomorrow (at 7 AM PT — thanks, Apple) to see exactly what this iTunes announcement is.

Update: Not to fan the flames more, but… A little birdie with close ties to the music industry says that they’ve heard The Beatles on iTunes is set to launch in times for the holidays… Take it with a grain of salt, but, yeah…

Update 2: It’s also interesting that November 16 is the anniversary of the first time The Beatles were shown on TV in the U.S. (no, it wasn’t the Ed Sullivan show, which was about 5 weeks later).

Update 3: And here comes the wave of articles with various other tidbits and potential confirmations. That image guess above is starting to look pretty good now.

Update 11/16: And sure enough: The Beatles Invade Apple. Take Over Website, iTunes, TV Ads, And Yes, Even Ping.