Link-in-bio monetization platform Snipfeed raises a $5.5M seed round

The link-in-bio business is heating up as more mobile website builders compete for a coveted slice of real estate on a creator’s TikTok, Instagram or Twitter. Linktree leads the space, securing

Beacons raises $6 million for its link-in-bio homepage builder that lets creators monetize

Mobile landing page builder Beacons has raised a $6 million seed round to expand its vision for empowering creators to make money beyond the cramped confines of their social media profiles. The compan

Beacons debuts a ‘link in bio’ mobile website builder that helps creators make money, not just list links

Today, there are a number of website builders aimed at creators who want to point fans to a dedicated landing page from their social media profile. If you’ve spent any time on TikTok or Instagra

Target rolls out Bluetooth beacon technology in stores to power new indoor maps in its app

Target is adding an improved indoor mapping component to its mobile app, designed to help shoppers find their way through stores and locate the products they need, the retailer announced this morning,

Gatwick Airport now has 2,000 beacons for indoor navigation

Complex indoor environments such as airports and shopping malls can be a nightmare to find your way around. And while Google is eyeing smartphones with 3D sensors as one potential fix for places GPS w

Proxama taps Google for MyStop, beacon-based transport alerts from your Chrome app

Google has been working for a while now on ways to bring more Bluetooth beacon projects into its ecosystem, including the launch of its Eddystone open beacon format and its concept of the “a

Notify Nearby Launches To Help Fashion Brands Share Deals And Content

At this point, we’ve probably all heard (or experienced!) the scenario where you’re walking past a store and your phone buzzes to alert you about nearby deals. The challenge, though, is se

Beacon Technology Company Estimote Raises $10.7 Million Series A

Estimote, a beacon company whose small, wireless sensors and accompanying software provide indoor location technology to some of the largest retailers as well as 65 percent of the Fortune 100, has now

inMarket Says It Can Predict The Best Time To Show Someone An Ad

Beacon marketing company inMarket is unveiling a new technology that it calls Quantum Receptivity, which it says can help marketers figure out when they should show an ad to a shopper and have the

Target Launches Beacon Test In 50 Stores, Will Expand Nationwide Later This Year

Target, the second largest general merchandise retailer in the U.S., announced this morning that it will start testing beacon technology in 50 of its stores nationwide. With beacon technology, the com

The Woolet Is A Wallet That Yells At You When You Leave It Behind

The Internet of Things promised us a deeper connection with our objects. We would be hugging our toasters, marrying our fridges, and sleeping with our bathroom scales. But nothing out there so far cou

Blinq Tells You If Your Dating Matches Are In The Bar

Shove over Tinder. Swiss startup Blinq has come up with a new twist on the dating app. The startup is incorporating beacon proximity technology into the mix so singles can do more meeting IRL and less

inMarket Says Its Beacon Platform Reaches 18% Of US Mobile Shoppers

Looks like I might have to revise my perception of in-store beacons as technology that won't matter until a year or two or three from now (at best). I don't have industry-wide numbers, but on its own,

How The 49ers Are Using Beacons To Help You Find Hot Dogs And Beer

Enterprise Wi-Fi provider Aruba Networks officially lights up their homegrown beacon network and accompanying smartphone app at Levi’s Stadium today. After having been in “beta” mode for that la

The Potential Of Beacon Technology

After indoor positioning with Wi-Fi, beacon technology is a massive step forward in ambient context identification, which is why this technology is all the buzz of late. Beacons allow for background p

Bookatable Tests Foodies’ Appetite For iBeacons In UK, Shopkick Passes 7,500 Beacons

iBeacon, the Bluetooth Low Energy technology that is being used by businesses to push offers and other messages to customers’ smartphones when they are in the physical vicinity of a small pingi

Loopd Launches Location-Tracking Tools For Conferences, With Backing From Tim Draper And Marc Benioff

If you've ever finished a busy day at a conference — either manning one of the booths or just as a regular attendee — and then found yourself struggling to remember who the heck you actually talke

Estimote Wants To Pioneer ‘Nearables’ With New Stickers Beacon Hardware

The Internet of Things gets a lot of hype, but its rollout is slow and it will take a long time for consumers to upgrade existing, non-connected devices that still work fine into something that can co

5 Questions For Beacon Providers

From concert venues to your neighborhood grocery store, beacons are ushering in an age of touchless, context-based mobile experiences for savvy consumers. There have been plenty of exciting announceme

iBeacons Aren’t Just For Retail: Placed Lets You Use Them As iPhone Quick Launchers At Home

There has been a lot of talk about iBeacons since they launched with iOS 7 last fall, but much of the focus has been on how they benefit retailers and add to the in-store shopping experience. They hav
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