inMarket Says It Can Predict The Best Time To Show Someone An Ad

Beacon marketing company inMarket is unveiling a new technology that it calls Quantum Receptivity, which it says can help marketers figure out when they should show an ad to a shopper and have the biggest impact.

“It’s really about cherry picking marketing times — not just things like days of week, but based on  each individual’s unique commercial fingerprint,” said CEO Todd Dipaola.

When Dipaola is talking about a consumer’s “commercial fingerprint,” he’s referring to the location data that inMarket already has access to. That allows the company to see when someone visits a store, how often they come and when they’re due to for their next visit. So if you go to the supermarket every Friday, then it might make sense to target ads at you on Thursday, or right before you leave.

 “We know that the best time for you to get a marketing message is when you’re in the store, making decisions, ” Dipaola added. “The next best time is when you’re thinking about going into the store. And the worst time is when you’re leaving that store.”

The company says it has location data about tens of millions of shoppers in categories like groceries, entertainment and auto. Quantum Receptivity also allows inMarket to expand its platform, so that it’s not just helping marketers deliver their messages in their stores, through beacons, but also using that data to target more traditional display advertising.

In beta testing, Quantum Receptivity led to an 8 percent increase in store visits (compared to users who weren’t targeted in this fashion) and a 14 percent increase in dollars spent per trip.